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low estimate at about 20K hrs per year




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low estimate at about $160K per year

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testimonialsTestimonialsMay we leave the world a better place because we lived and served within it.

  • I joined to meet new people and help my community. I stay because I have met so many wonderful women! (and to get away from my hubby)

    ~Stefany Nikolaus
    Women of Today
    Stefany Nikolaus
  • I joined to help out my community and to be a part of something great.

    Women of Today
  • I joined WT at the encouragement of a friend -- she knew it was something I would love being a part ...
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    ~Christine Sibilleau
    Roseau Women of Today
    Christine Sibilleau
  • I went to a membership Night and pretty much made up my mind to join so I could do community things and just get more involved with the Avon area. I enjoy the connection with the ladies in our chapter and love doing things with the community and for the community in Avon and surrounding areas.

    ~Arlene Feldewerd
    Avon Women of Today
    Arlene Feldewerd

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