Sue Bay, Women's Wellness State Program Manager
Sue Bay

Women's Wellness State Program Manager

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This programming area encourages women to become more involved with their health and well being; promotes health education by providing challenges to chapter members encouraging participation with the added benefit of feeling better; educates women that Domestic Violence is a health issue and reminds our membership that there are still numerous people, children and families, friends, their communities impacted by domestic violence; and participates in walks that benefit women’s health issues like March of Dimes, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and ending hunger. This area supports the Outstanding Women Who Impact program.

FOR DONATIONS: please make donation checks out to MNWT and write the appropriate Foundation's Name in the comments. Then send the check to the Chapter Service Center so we can keep all funds together for the presentation of one big check at the Annual Convention. DO NOT FORGET to submit Program Manager Trimester Report. THANK YOU for your support!

Wiggle to Wellness

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