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The State Committees help our organization run efffectively and efficiently, suggest project or plans for the state to ensure its continued existence, and support the state organization. These committees meet regularly and are open to any member in good standing. The three main Statewide Committees are Future Directions, Membership Management, and Marketing. However, there are many other committees with specific objectives, like Bylaw Review, Finance, Elections, and ONTO. There are also the Key Women and MNWT Foundation, which are not really state committees, but organizations unto themselves that support the leaders of our organizations and support MNWT respectively.

How to be a Committee Member

You can contact the Statewide Committee Chair for the committee you wish to join. The eligibility requirements to be a committee member vary, but any member in good standing may request to become a committee member, or simply attend an upcoming committee meeting. Some committees require members to be voted in by the committee; please contact the committee chair for full details. MNWT has many different committees a member can join:

Future Directions Committee Chair: Jane HansonJane Hanson, Future Directions Committee Chair

This ongoing committee is responsible for reviewing member suggestions concerning organizational structure, administration or programming, especially long range planning in those areas, which have been approved by the membership. This committee is organized annually and meets at least four times during the year. The Future Directions Committee chairperson is appointed by the state president and serves a one-year term. Additional committee members are the state president, programming vice president, administrative vice president, membership vice president, chapter management vice president, chairman of the board, executive director, state parliamentarian, extensions director, marketing chair, MNWT Foundation chair, strategic planning chair, reporting subcommittee chairs, past Future Directions chair, and five (5) members from the general membership, who serve rotating two-year terms.

Marketing Committee Chair: Allie StaleyAllie Staley, Marketing Committee Chair

This committee externally promotes the Minnesota Women of Today. Activities include hosting informational booths at expos, developing media kits and new brochures, and providing promotional materials at state-sponsored events. This committee is comprised of representatives from across the state and several executive council members. In addition, this committee promotes the annual Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project, which culminates at the MNWT Winter State Convention. As of November 2019, the Marketing Committee voted to use the MNWT Priority Area as its Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project going forward. The Priority Area SPM and the Marketing Committee will work together to ensure this is successful starting in 2020-2021! Please go to the News webpage for an assortment of public relations tools for your chapter to use, and marketing ideas to help promote Women of Today in your community.

Membership Management Committee Chair: JoAnn MillerJoAnn Miller, Membership Management Committee Chair

Established in January 1994, this committee works with the MWNT Membership Team to generate interest and excitement in meeting membership goals. Additional objectives are to find ways to increase chapter size, improve retention, assist with the addition of new chapters, and to internally market our organization.

Key Women Chair: OPENOPEN, Key Women Chair

he Key Women Club, started in 1975, oversees the Key Women Award, which is the highest honor a MNWT member can receive. Designed as a chapter nomination of a member who has shown exceptional involvement and growth, the award recognizes those within the organization for dedicated service. A woman cannot work toward this goal; it seeks her out after she has given her heart and soul to the organization. The award is presented to any member who meets the following qualifications:

  • Served as chapter, district or state officer, or a chapter, district, or state program manager for at least two (2) years;
  • Is a member in good standing for at least four (4) years; and
  • Is nominated and accepted after thorough review by five (5) Key Woman.

For more information, please contact

MNWT Foundation Chair: Nicky AndersonNicky Anderson, MNWT Foundation Chair

MN Council for Nonprofits 2018 MemberThe mission of the MNWT Foundation is to support the programs of the Minnesota Women of Today by developing financial and non-financial resources, and to provide appropriate oversight and distribution of funds raised. The MNWT Foundation is not a committee of the Minnesota Women of Today but a separate 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. It was established in 1983 to support the projects and programs of the MNWT. The purpose of the foundation is to raise and distribute funds to help further the educational, training and fundraising projects of the organization. The Foundation is working for your chapter and its members -- support it by making a donation today. All donations to the MNWT Foundation are tax-deductible.

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