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The Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project allows a non-profit organization to bid for one-year commitment from MNWT to collaborate with them on promoting their cause. In return, the awarded organization will promise to promote MNWT to it's members and contributors. MNWT will offer support through fundraising events, helping create community awareness, and assisting in other opportunities to benefit the organization. This is the MNWT version of the United States Women of Today's Buckets of Sunshine. As of November 2019, the Marketing Committee voted to use the MNWT Priority Area as its Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project going forward. The Priority Area SPM and the Marketing Committee will work together to ensure this is successful starting in 2020-2021!

The Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project Subcommittee is charged with locating an annual fundraising event for the chosen organization that will benefit from our organization's efforts. In the past, we have donated monetary and gift items to organizations such as: Shriner's Hospital, Emerge Mother Academy, Cheerful Givers, Mary's Place, the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, Project Linus, MN Milk Bank for Babies, and Operation Minnesota Nice.

2019-2020 MNWT Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project

Sweet Dreams for Kids
Sweet Dreams for Kids has donated over 15,000 new pajamas to various hospitals in Minnesota and other Children’s Hospitals around the country. We want that number to grow. Sweet Dreams for Kids was the subject of several feature stories on television news programs as well as magazines. We feel it is hard enough knowing your child is ill, but hospital pajamas are that constant reminder. We know this will bring a little more sunshine to everyone.

What is Sweet Dreams for Kids?

Sweet Dreams for Kids started as a family with a dream for all kids in the hospital to have cute, cozy, and comfortable new pajamas. The family's youngest child, who is a little walking miracle, was born with cancer. They saw her in hospital pajamas too many times, and it's the reason Sweet Dreams for Kids was started. They want to give back to others and this is the lesson they are trying to teach: when you give to others you will become happier.

For more information on this year's project, contact

How WT Members can Help!

Some ways to collect pajamas:

  • Host a pajama party social and everyone brings a pair of pajamas.
  • Have a pajama themed District Meeting and have an incentive for the chapter that brings in the most pairs of pajamas.
  • Ask community members or organizations to partner up and hold a pajama drive.
  • Fundraiser- hold a lucky buck at your general meeting to purchase some pajamas.
  • Monetary Donations

*There will be a pajama drive at Fall State during the Project Fair. If you donate a set of pajamas you will be entered to receive a prize bag*

For any questions contact Statewide Bucket of Sunshine chair Wendy Homyak. She would love to come to your chapter or district meeting to share Sweet Dreams for Kids with you! Make sure to check Sweet Dreams for Kids website and their Facebook page for more information! Let’s help Sweet Dreams for Kids by “Taking the Ick Out of Sick!”

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