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Online Training is offered in video format for completing a few of our forms and to invite members to our events. Please let us know if there is any particular video you would like us to create.


MNWT State Conventions are held three (3) times per year: Fall State in September; Winter State in January; and Annual Convention in May. USWT National Conventions are held twice per year: Mid-Year in October; and Year-End in June.

Presidential Medallion Nomination Download the PDF file

Use this official form to nominate your local President and/or State Delegate for everything she does for your chapter.

Presidential Pin Nomination Download the PDF file

Official form for the MNWT Presidential Pin Nomination.

Chapter Growth Plan Download the PDF file

Use this official form to project your Chapter's membership goals for the year. A successful membership plan depends on setting goals for your chapter. The growth plan is a tool for looking at your chapter's membership numbers realistically and planning for chapter growth. You will choose a goal for your chapter, adjust for the renewals you are expecting and learn how many new members you will need to acquire to reach your goal. The growth plan should be completed at the beginning of the year and reviewed and adjusted periodically. Success System points are available for submitting the growth plan to the Membership Vice President first and second trimesters.

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