Our History

Pre-Women of Today

First talk of a state organization was in the fall of 1949, when some Jaycee wives met to discuss it. In May of 1950, the Mrs. Jaycees of Minnesota was born. During the next five years, we grew to over 60 chapters. In 1957, Minnesota had grown to the largest Mrs. Jaycees organization in the nation with 90 chapters. At Summer Awards 1974, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. In 1979 our membership had grown to 5000. In 1982-83 affiliation was a big issue. The US Jaycees said there had to be a Jaycee chapter in order to have a Jaycee Women chapter in the community. We worked closely with the Jaycees to establish Jaycee chapter so that no Jaycee Women chapters would be lost.

On July 3, 1984, the Supreme Court ruled that women must be allowed membership privileges in the Jaycees. In April 1985, the US Jaycee Women Executive Council drafted a resolution to dissolve the US Jaycee Women on July 1, 1985. The membership voted on and passed that resolution at the Indianapolis National Convention on June 17, 1985. At this convention, a special meeting was held with those interested in reorganizing as the Women of Today.

Women of Today

The US Women of Today held a mid-year meeting to form the following committees: By-laws, Future Directions, Programming, and Finance. A national creed and logo were developed at that same time.

By July 1986 the following states had Women of Today chapters: Minnesota, Washington, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Nebraska, California, North Dakota, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, Idaho, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Wyoming. By 1989 the US Women of Today included an all-time high of 18 states and 5,273 members.

As of the end of year 1997, the US Women of Today have donated over $10,000,000. The year ended with 4,045 members, 219 chapters and 17 states.

The Minnesota Women of Today is growing again for the first time since 1986. We are a great organization available for women from age 18 years and above, who wish to make new friends, learn and establish leadership skills and voluntarily contribute to our communities, states and nation.

60th Anniversary Photo of Past State Presidents
60th anniversary photo taken at Winter State by Anne Johnson

Top Row left to right: Jen Kinzer, 09-10; Sarah Gafkjen, 08-09; Bonnie Olmanson, 07-08; Mary Zurn, 06-07;
Brenda Schramm, 04-05; Jodie Meyer, 03-04; Kayla Hermann, 02-03; Jodie Johnson, 00-01
Middle Row left to right: Lori Lundquist, 99-00; Janet Studer, 98-99; Debbie Johnson, 97-98; Nancy Poland, 96-97;
Christine Harkess, 95-96; Jean Fast, 94-95; Val Kvale, 93-94; Mary Hudson, 92-93; Sheila Carroll Conrad, 91-92
Front Row left to right: Bonnie O'Neil, 88-89; Mary Moeller, 87-88; Pat Branstad 86-87; Sue Schuler 85-86;
Barb Fish, Jaycee Women 84-85; Nancy Dvoracek, Jaycee Women 82-83;
Mary Kay Verkennes, Jaycee Women 80-81; Priscilla Nauer, Mrs. Jaycees 63-64

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