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Prospective Staff

Candidate Letter

Members of the Minnesota Women of Today, it is with great excitement and honor that I announce my candidacy for the office of the 2018-19 Minnesota Women of Today State President.

I have been an active member of this organization and the Greenbush Chapter since 1989 and have served on all levels including most recently as State Internal Vice President and State Secretary. I have also served as Chapter President, District Director, State Program Manager as well as State Membership Vice President, so feel that I have a well rounded experience within the leadership, programming, and membership management areas.

On a personal level, I have many years of management experience in the financial industry as well as in the political setting, as I just completed my first year as Mayor of my hometown where I was elected after serving six years on the council. My community involvement also includes health care where I serve as Vice Chairman of the Board for a critical access medical facility.

Beyond my experience, and what really drives my decision to seek this office, is my passion for the Minnesota Women of Today. The mission of this organization to offer opportunities for women of all ages to give to others through service projects; to build leadership skills through stepping into positions at the local, district or even state level; or to develop lifelong friendships through fellowship at meetings or events are all key components of why I have chosen to make this organization such a huge part of my life. It is the tools that I have learned through being a member of this organization that have helped me get to where I am both professionally and personally.

I recognize that this organization continues to see a decline in membership due to a variety of reasons that are often common to most volunteer organizations today. I will not promise you that this team will bring record numbers of new members or that our financial position will not be a struggle to maintain in the black this next year. I’ve learned that empty campaign promises are not what most members want to hear and these are serious issues that, although do need to be addressed, cannot be accomplished in just one year. What I WILL promise you is a vision toward a more streamlined, simplified and local chapter focus from the state level through a strategic plan that will impact the membership positively in the end. We need to look to the future and adapt to different ways of doing things while still understanding the importance of holding onto what appeals to our almost 1,000 members we currently have. It is with much excitement that I look forward to sharing this vision with you and creating an organization where members come to us looking to join.

My theme of “Lead the Way” is not a reflection for myself personally but a mantra that I hope we embrace together as an organization that includes each of you. We all have the ability to make an impact on this organization in our own way leading to a world that we will leave a better place because we lived and served within it.

The arrow within my logo is symbolic for a few reasons. First off the arrow is simple and to the point which reflects my vision for the next year. We have heard from the membership that many areas we promote are too complicated or there is too much paperwork. The vision of the prospective team this year is to work hard on addressing these messages and to continue the work that we have seen take place these past years in achieving a more simplistic platform. Our emphasis is on “back to the basics.” Secondly, an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. Just as an arrow feels resistance when it is pulled back in a bow, we also may feel some resistance when we experience new changes. But consider the momentum of that arrow once it is launched! It is my vision that we feel that energy together as we launch into the new Minnesota Women of Today year.

Objectives Experience
  • Simple, straight forward and to the point focus in all areas
  • Emphasis on training and orientation of members and Executive Council
  • Heavy promotion on use of membership tools already developed
  • Focus on chapter needs rather than state needs
  • Development of state wide socials and activities
  • Continued simplification of forms and programming
  • 29 years as a member of the Greenbush Chapter and 6 years in Executive Council/Staff positions
  • Extensive experience in management positions in the financial and local government fields
  • Small business owner and philanthropist
  • Mother of 6 and grandmother of 12
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