Presidential Candidate: Cathy Shuman

Goals & Objectives

WT Experience

Prospective Staff

Candidate Letter

Dear Women of Today Members,

Exhilaration, vibrant members, learning, growth, laughter, imagination, friendships, hugs, celebrations, memories ... all swirl together as I think about my experiences in Women of Today. I am not the same person as when I joined; I am a better, stronger individual because of you and this remarkable organization. What other group can offer such a myriad of opportunities and the chance to grow from them? Where else can we experience such amazing challenges and become the best that we can be?

I have enjoyed 30 wonderful years as a Monticello Women of Today member, and I'm grateful to have served this organization at the local, district, state, and national levels. Many of you have touched my life throughout these years, and I would like the opportunity to touch your life as your next state president.

My theme is "Making Connections." Can you imagine how many connections we have made over the years with our projects, our donations, and even our smiles?' With your support, I know we can make even more connections by reaching out to neighbors and staying involved in our
communities during the coming year.

I invite you to connect your strengths and talents with the strengths and talents of my team members as we make connections across the state.

Thank you for all you do,
Cathy Shuman, Candidate for State President Minnesota Women of Today 2019-2020

Prospective Staff

Cathy Shuman, candidate for 2019-2020 State President, is pleased to announce her prospective team members! Cathy's theme is "Making Connections" and here are the fabulous ladies that want to form connections with chapters and members across our state!

  • Administrative Vice President: Illeana Miller, Monticello
  • Membership Vice President: Open
  • Chapter Management Vice President: Barb Zeroth, Rice
  • Extensions Director: Jenise Teske, Fridley
  • Programming Vice President: Melissa Redzuan, Eden Prairie
  • Financial Vice President: Amy Pumper, Byron
  • Secretary: Christine Sibilleau, Roseau
  • Parliamentarian: Wendy Lindberg, Coon Rapids
  • Presidential Assistant: Barb Berndtson, Monticello

Goals & Objectives


  • Achieve retention of 75% each trimester and year-end
  • Achieve growth + 1 for year-end
  • Promote orientation and activation of new members within first 30 to 60 days

Communication & Training

  • Develop buddy system between state staff/executive council members and chapters
  • Make one-on-one connection with each chapter at least once per trimester
  • Provide materials and training opportunities that chapters can use for meetings, projects, membership activities, and leadership

Community Involvement

  • Prepare and provide trimester "Connection packets" for each chapter to use in their community
  • Plan and hold "Connection events" for 10 communities without Women of Today chapters


  • Educate chapters on implementation of new programming changes
  • Promote utilization of programming areas in local chapters
  • Encourage chapters to connect with their communities on local activities and events


  • Promote donations from chapters each trimester to benefit MNWT Ways & Means and MNWT Foundation
  • Educate chapters on budgeting and ways and means funding in their chapters and at district, state, and national levels

United States Women of Today

  • Participate in USWT programming areas through certifications and education
  • Promote fundraising for Domestic Violence Awareness organizations
  • Ask chapters to make a donation in support of USWT

Cathy's WT Experience


  • President
  • State Delegate
  • Membership Vice President
  • Programming Vice President (External & Internal)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Parliamentarian
  • Local Program Manager (many)


  • District Director
  • Programming Vice President (External & Internal)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • District Program Manager (many)


  • Administrative Vice President
  • External Programming Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Ways & Means State Program Manager
  • March of Dimes State Program Manager
  • MNWT Foundation
  • Finance Committee/Chair
  • Future Directions Committee/Chair
  • Marketing Committee/Chair
  • Bylaw Review Committee
  • Buffalo extension co-chair
  • St Francis Area extension committee
  • Key Woman Club


  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Extensions Director
  • Parliamentarian
  • Ambassador Club
  • US Founders Charities
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