Christine Sibilleau, Secretary
Christine Sibilleau

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This appointed position records and distributes the minutes of all meetings; and compiles Chapter Mailings and the State Plan of Action. The State Secretary shall coordinate the compiling and distribution of Chapter Information Packets (CIP); shall coordinate the Chapter Mile and Chapter Attendance programs at state meetings; and shall be responsible for compiling agenda and staff reports. She also oversees the NEWSLET Editor to complete the publication of our state newsletter.

Plan of Action and Chapter Information Packets

  • Plan of Action Download the PDF file
  • MNJOTS CIP Download the PDF file
  • Fall State CIP Download the PDF file
  • Winter State CIP Download the PDF file

  • State Meeting Minutes

  • 2019 MNWT June Officer Training Session (MNJOTS) - June 7-9, 2019:  EC Mtg Download the PDF file
  • 2019 MNWT Annual Convention - May 17-19, 2019: Bus Mtg Download the Minutes  EC Mtg Download the PDF file
  • 2019 Special Executive Council Meeting - Sunday, May 19, 2019:  EC Mtg Download the PDF file
  • Click here for more State Publications.

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