Daina Mirsch-Wenner, Marketing Committee Chair
Daina Mirsch-Wenner

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Marketing Committee Chair

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This committee externally promotes the Minnesota Women of Today. Activities include hosting informational booths at expos, developing media kits and new brochures, and providing promotional materials at state-sponsored events. This committee is comprised of representatives from across the state and several executive council members. In addition, this committee selects the annual Statewide Buckets of Sunshine Project from bids presented by the membership. If you are interested in nominating an organization for the project, please complete the bid form, and email marketing@mnwt.org. Please go to the News webpage for an assortment of public relations tools for your chapter to use, and marketing ideas to help promote Women of Today in your community.

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MKTG Meeting Information

2019 Marketing Tri 1 Meeting
11AM-12:30PM on July 27, 2019Find it on Facebook
Lake Area Bank in White Bear LakeFind it on the Mapn/a
2019 Marketing Committee Tri 2 Meeting
11AM-12:30PM on November 16, 2019Find it on Facebook
Resurrection Lutheran Church in MonticelloFind it on the Mapn/a
2020 Marketing Tri 3 Meeting
11AM-12:30PM on March 21, 2020Find it on Facebook
Location TBDn/a

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