Success Tips

This page was developed to help you complete the Success Form. Click here for more Success Guidelines.

Do: Don't:
  • No matter how you think you did on points, send in your submission!
  • Use the form which has a 5/08 revision date on the upper left hand corner.
  • Read the guidelines! It tells you exactly what verification is needed and who the person is that is verifying.
  • Number each page of your verification you send in with your form and use the page number on the SUCCESS form (middle column), not the item reference.
  • Write the item reference (such as CHAP MGMT, B) next to the place in your verification that supports that item on the SUCCESS form.
  • Only use a project one time in the year for verification.
  • Include name of the project, participation level of membership, date of project, where donations are going to and name of the joint organization (if applicable) within your Membership Meeting Minutes as verification for Programming.
  • Say EXACTLY "a quorum has been established" within your Membership Meeting Minutes in order to receive credit for Chapter Management, B (Establish a Quorum at General Meetings).
  • Send in copies of certifications for verification.
  • Submit Submit Submit!
  • Ask questions! Just email with anything!
  • Staple the verification and SUCCESS form together. Use a clip that is large enough to contain all of the verification being sent.
  • Mail your submission late (watch for the due date and ensure you have it postmarked on or before that date).
  • Use post-it notes or flag markers to label items. Mark your reference on the pages being submitted only.
  • Use multiple projects to support one item reference choose only one project and reference that one project (for example: Holding a social choose only one social which was held within the trimester).
  • For chapter visitations, ensure you get a copy of an agenda or an invitation and have the presiding officer of the visiting chapter sign their name and their title. Include a copy of this signed agenda or invitation for verification (noting the visitation in a chapter meeting minutes is not sufficient).
  • Use the pledge, invocation or benediction for a Programming activity.
  • Think it is not good enough to submit! Submit it anyway that is how you learn!
  • Hesitate to ask questions!
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