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About Us

We, the Women of Today, are service, growth, and fellowship.
We believe that through us great lessons can be learned, worthy deeds performed,
and a hand of fellowship extended to millions of women everywhere.
May we leave the world a better place because we lived and served within it.

In 1950, a group of dedicated women formed the Mrs. Jaycees of Minnesota with a mission of community service. Several name and organizational changes occurred over the years, and in July 1985 we became known as the Minnesota Women of Today. Since that time, Women of Today has grown to include members in many states throughout the nation. Our three areas of focus are Community Service, Personal and Professional Growth, and Fellowship.

The Minnesota Women of Today is a dynamic and diverse women's organization interested in the betterment of our communities. We are not politically or religiously affiliated. We are women from various backgrounds, communities, and life experiences. We are working women, homemakers, mothers, and grandmothers, married and single women. We are women who want to make our communities a better place for all of us to live, achieve our own personal and professional growth, and have fun!

We volunteer our time, raise funds for charities, and provide informational seminars that are open to the public. Our members choose the projects they want to participate in, given their interest and time availability. Members can be as involved as they want to be. We are also interested in bettering ourselves and having fun. We have speakers attend our meetings, challenge ourselves to improve our communication skills, gather to develop new talents and plan social events. The wide range of opportunities that Women of Today offers is one of the elements that make it unique. There is something for every woman and new ideas are always welcome.

Want to know more? Keep reading to find out more about some of the great projects we have done! Click here to review the whole history of the Minnesota Women of Today. Click here for a personal testimonial from a member. You can also visit a chapter nearby or contact the Chapter Service Center for more information about our organization.

Community Service

Women of Today passionately believe in making the world a better place by serving others in our communities. The needs of every community vary so chapter members choose service projects to sponsor in their local area. Samples of sponsored service projects around the state include:

  • Food shelf collections and volunteering
  • Assisting with area Walk-A-Thons
  • Projects involving youth
  • Activities with seniors
  • Scholarships
  • Craft fairs
  • Health and Wellness events
  • Green projects

And some of the causes and foundations we support include:

  • March of Dimes
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Friendship Ventures
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • And many more!

Personal & Professional Growth

Women of Today provides opportunities for members to experience personal and professional growth in areas such as self-esteem, communication skills, confidence, and working effectively with others. Personal Enrichment courses are offered on a variety of topics and additional training is also available. Support is provided internally as well as from outside sources. Leadership opportunities exist at all levels of the organization (local, district, state, and national) through committee work, chairing projects, and holding officer positions.

What can you learn about through the Women of Today?

  • Goal Setting
  • Financial Planning
  • Leadership Training
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Effective Writing
  • Effective Speaking
  • ...and more!


Membership in Women of Today provides opportunities to develop friendships with people who share similar interests. It is a great way to make friends in your community – and you can also make friends across the state, and the nation! Every chapter holds a variety of social activities for members to get together and have fun! Examples of these activities include:

  • Death by Chocolate parties
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Girls Night Out
  • Wine Tasting parties
  • Game Nights
  • Scrapbooking Nights
  • Statewide Conventions
  • ...and many more!

Members of Minnesota Women of Today have fun, form long-lasting friendships, develop their personal and professional talents, and give back to their communities.

Our Creeds

Minnesota Women of Today
We, the Women of Today, are service, growth, and fellowship.
We believe that through us great lessons can be learned,
worthy deeds performed, and a hand of fellowship extended
to millions of women everywhere.
May we leave the world a better place
because we lived and served within it.

United States Women of Today
We, the United States Women of Today are dedicated
to serving our community and nation,
are committed to strengthening our individual talents,
and stand united by our friendship and belief in the future.

Minnesota Women of Today Mission Statement

The mission of the Minnesota Women of Today is to help women improve their own lives and the lives of the people in the communities around them. This organization shall be a place in which young women are actively encouraged to become involved and hold positions of leadership. The organization shall provide opportunities for all members:

  1. To contribute to their communities by raising funds for worthy causes and by providing services or education to benefit community members.
  2. To develop and to foster skills and talents related to becoming successful individuals, interacting well with other people, and becoming capable leaders.
  3. To develop friendships and to find personal support within the organization.
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