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Chapter Projects

Does your chapter need an idea for a new project? Check out the following for some ideas.

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Review the Women of Today projects submitted by chapters and Exec Council members. Use a project as listed or as inspiration to create your Chapter's next project.

Ways-and-means Projects
Lots of ideas are out there for your chapter's ways and means. You may find more ideas if you go through the Ways and Means SPM page. A good membership plan allows for at least one ways and means event each trimester. Please contact the Ways and Means SPM for more information. Plan your events today!

Bake & Take

There's a charge of $25 per person; held on two nights. Each night they would bake 10 different kinds of cookies. Dough was premixed and chilled so it was ready for them. They would choose which cookie they wanted to bake and would bake enough so each person brings 10 dozen different cookies home.

Members Needed: 10 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Annandale

Banana Dip Stand

Supplies needed: Bananas, cherry, butterscotch & chocolate dip, skewers, napkins, crock pot, and chest freezer. Bananas are peeled; skewers inserted and then flash frozen. Dips are melted and kept warm in crock pots. Bananas are dipped and placed back in freezer. We do this during our county fair. We sell them for $1.75 each. It's a great way to raise money for Ways & Means

Members Needed: ALL member(s)
Estimated Cost: 600
Estimated Time: 1500
Submitted By: Owatonna

Beautiful Baby Contest

Displays were set up at four businesses with canisters and child's photo on the can. Contest cards were given to the businesses. Publicity promoted voting for beautiful babies.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Madelia

Card Making with Stamps

A member who had many stamps and other supplies donated them for an evening and we made cards to sell for the chapter. We made an all-occasion card, anniversary card, and birthday and sympathy cards.

Members Needed: 10 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Roseville

Christmas Lighting Contest

Project was announced in the local paper. The town participated by decorating their houses and yards. Each week a winner was chosen and a picture of the owner and house was in the paper. A prize was given to the winners.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Fulda

Duck Event

Plastic duck race in a large water filled tank. Ducks were bought to use in the future. Selection of numbered ducks were placed in the tank and raced with others. Prizes were given.

Members Needed: 21 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Fairmont

Garage Sale

Chapter member donated her garage for the event. Members were invited to drop off pre-marked items during the days before the sale. The night before the sale as many members as possible helped to set up. Sale ran one day. Members were urged to keep prices low so items would sell. Unless specifically requested otherwise, all remaining items were boxed up and delivered to a local charity group.

Members Needed: 15 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Richfield

Harvest Moon Auction & Dance

Local members were asked to make a craft item for the auction. Live auctions as well as silent auctions were held. Project held at the Golf Club. Tables were decorated with an autumn theme. Tickets were sold for the event. After the auction, a live band performed.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Marshall

Home Party Extravaganza

Many home party companies wanted members to hold parties so we held one big one and invited the public. Each displayer paid $7.50 and a percentage of their sales. Some of the displayers included: Creative Circle , Christmas around the World, Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Home Interiors, Discovery Toys, Shaklee and Fuller Brush. Refreshments were served by the members.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Redwood Falls

Liquid Lights

Liquid lights were sold at the annual Halloween Carnival. The purpose was to provide a safe Halloween for the kids as well as raise money for the chapter.

Members Needed: 2 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Thief River Falls

Sale: Spring Plants

Chapter members collected flower orders and gave orders to a local greenhouse and set up a delivery date and place. The orders were sorted and arranged to have flowers and plants picked up.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Richfield

Sale: Used Books

Request donations of used books from public, library, schools, etc. Sort books into categories & subjects; store sorted books at empty location prior to sale. Preferably place of sale. Advertise sale in newspaper, etc. Arrange for workers, tables, bags, boxes the day of sale. You may also want a dumpster to get rid of unsaleable books. Sell books for 25 cents each and make big bucks.

Members Needed: 12-16 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 100
Estimated Time: 150
Submitted By: Owatonna

Sale: Wash Cloths

Order from factory at cost of $.50 each (Sangnon Mills, NY ). We sold them for $1 each; sold to members and family at the holidays. Dish cloths are well made, long lasting and attractive colors; can almost sell them.

Members Needed: ALL member(s)
Estimated Cost: 60
Submitted By: Le Center

Sale: Wreaths

One night is spent making calls from a bank to use their multiple line phone system. The deliveries are made by Thanksgiving.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Detroit Lakes

Tour of Homes

In the spring, every other year we line up several houses that are willing to let people tour their homes. We sell tickets and sold coffee and bars as they entered the starting place. We made up maps and ran the tours from 10:00-1:00. There was one worker at each home checking tickets and directing. Signs were made for each home. A gift was given to each family that allowed us to show their homes.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Fulda

Volleyball & Concessions

Nine teams played a round robin tournament. Members donated food for concessions. Teams paid $65 to play. Cash prizes given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Event was held at local high school.

Members Needed: 10+ member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Blooming Prairie

Weekend Games Concession

Selling concessions at weekend Jr. High or Sr. High games that go all day, so people out of town do not have to leave the building to eat. We order a bunch of pizzas and sell by the slice. You usually get a price break by ordering in a bulk amount.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Wadena

White Elephant Auction

All members are asked to bring 1 nice gift and 1 white elephant gift. All gifts are wrapped or bagged. Several members act as auctioneers. After $1 is bid the bidder can feel or shake the gift; then bidding resumes. Some gifts have been coming back for years. This is a fun tradition.

Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Blooming Prairie

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