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Chapter Projects

Does your chapter need an idea for a new project? Check out the following for some ideas.

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Review the Women of Today projects submitted by chapters and Exec Council members. Use a project as listed or as inspiration to create your Chapter's next project.

Fundraiser Projects
Lots of ideas are out there for fundraiser projects. You may find more ideas if you go through the Community Connections SPM page, Priority Area SPM page, Women's Wellness SPM page, or Youth of Today SPM page. A good membership plan allows for at least one service event each trimester. Please contact the appropriate SPM for more information. Plan your events today!

Baby Picture Contest

Advertise to get pictures of babies for contest. Parents of children one year and younger submit the child's picture and they are displayed in a local grocery store. Post pictures at place of business with drop box for money. Have each picture numbered. Each picture has a separate coin box. Citizens "vote" for the winner by placing money in a box by that picture. Voters vote for their favorite baby by putting money in appropriate coin box. Baby that raised most money receives a prize. The winner's picture is published in the local newspaper.

Members Needed: 2-4 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 150
Estimated Time: 40
Submitted By: Le Center & Stewartville

Baby Pool

For pregnant members we hold a baby pool where members pay 1 - 2 to enter. The person who guesses the closest date, time of delivery and correct sex wins 1/2 the pool. The mom and March of Dimes each get 25%. Chapters can vary the % of pay. This is a way to raise money for the March of Dimes and members have lots of fun with it.

Members Needed: 1 pregnant member + 2-100 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 1
Submitted By: Dayton

Bid for Bachelors

Raised funds for the House of Charity.

Members Needed: 10 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 400
Estimated Time: 200
Submitted By: Edina

Cattail Days

Cattail Days is an annual two-day Arts/Crafts event held in Richfield every September. We had a Community Tent where 8-10 local organizations had information tables under one tent and visitors had a chance to register for a grand prize drawing. We had a Richfield WT Information Booth which included flyers, and information on WT. Also, in cooperation with a local Taco Bell we sold three different types of tacos and split the profits with Taco Bell. Asked members to donate cases of Pepsi and they were sold for .50 a can.

Members Needed: 10-15 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 100
Estimated Time: 30
Submitted By: Richfield

Child Care Clinic

To educate pre-teens on how to handle situations encountered while babysitting.

Members Needed: 11 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 52
Submitted By: Fergus Falls

Christmas Wrap

Wrap gifts at Christmas time in a store or mall. We did not have set prices, but asked for donations. The closer to Christmas you do this, the more money you will make. Christmas Eve is very busy and very profitable. In Austin at the mall 4 people were needed at all times on Christmas Eve.

Members Needed: 8 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 14
Submitted By: Austin

Co-Rec Softball Tournament

Our softball tournament is an all day co-recreational tournament, meaning both men and women compete. Local softball teams sign up to participate and the chapter recruits sponsors to cover the cost of the cash prizes for the winners. The chapter sells refreshments at the event as a fund raiser. We raised money while providing a fun day for area residents, whether they played or were spectators.

Members Needed: 10 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 75
Submitted By: Holdingford

Coffee Days

Funds are raised for Camp Friendship. A button is sold by local restaurants for 1.00. This button allows the wearer free coffee all day in the participating restaurants across the state. The restaurant that sells the most receives a week-end vacation.

Members Needed: 4 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 20
Submitted By: Windom

Cook Book

The chapter compiled a 400 recipe cook book and sold 400 copies in less than a month; a great project.

Members Needed: everyone to contribute recipes; project requires only 4 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 1600
Estimated Time: 90
Submitted By: Detroit Lakes

Cotton Candy Booth

We rented the machine from St. Clair chapter. Got many women involved; sold the sticks or bags for 1 each. Great time!

Members Needed: 11 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 12
Estimated Time: 8
Submitted By: Waseca

Craft Fair

Booth spaces are sold to craft exhibitors for a one-day craft show. Our chapter also runs the lunch stand and handles the publicity. A raffle of items donated by the craft exhibitors is also held and proceeds from this are donated to a specified cause.

Members Needed: 20 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 700
Submitted By: Emmons Area

Fashion Show

A scholarship benefit for single pregnant women. We rented a theater, used a sound & lights man and had help from a professional model agent. We had 50 models of all ages, male and female. We had 10 clothing sets including: Children's winter wear, children's dress wear, teen clothing, ladies outer wear, evening gowns, active wear, men's clothing, western wear and bridal fashions. We made our own stage sets, etc. We had clothing from 11 stores. It was a major success for us.

Members Needed: 15-17 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 500
Submitted By: Sauk Rapids & Glenville Area

Halloween Dance

Halloween Costume Dance grades 6-8, price 1 per person. Got all interested businesses involved; they donated prizes for best costumes at dance. Great publicity for chapter and great exposure for WT.

Members Needed: 8 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 10
Submitted By: A-C-F

Holiday House Walk

This project was to raise money for the local sub-Santa. We had nearly 100 visitors for the walk. We had a lot of community support. It was a success; raised $440 after expenses.

Members Needed: for each home, 1 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: A-C-F

Holiday Shop

Held as a way for Richfield children to do their Christmas shopping. Small items (0.50 to 7.00) were purchased from local craft store/dealer. Local church fellowship hall was used to set up tables. Each table had similar priced items. Children were given a list by their parents on who to buy for and how much they could spend. A member took them into the Holiday Shop and helped them with their purchases. Once items were paid for another member put items in bags with Christmas decorations and marked with To/From names and stapled shut. The church cafeteria was used to serve refreshments to parents while they waited and children could also talk to Santa and have their picture taken with him. Crayons and coloring sheets were also available to keep children entertained.

Members Needed: 25+ member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 25
Submitted By: Richfield

Lupus Donation Collection

Was great. We put cans out in the area businesses and people in the community donated money.

Members Needed: 6 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 15
Submitted By: Wells

Mini Supermarket Sweep

Patterned after the game show "Supermarket Sweep." Held a drawing to choose contestants. Four games were played. Over, Under Total - Hangman - 10,000 pyramid - Scrambled words. They tried to gather the most groceries and the winning team won $100.

Members Needed: 3 teams of 2 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 150
Estimated Time: 90
Submitted By: Sauk Rapids
Samples: Complete guide and information available. Download the PDF file

Miss Riverfest Pageant

To select an ambassador for the city of Windom in conjunction with the Windom Riverfest Committee. Offer scholarship money to a high school junior for furthering their education. Provide an opportunity for second grade girls to perform in the pageant.

Members Needed: 35 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 975
Estimated Time: 1000
Submitted By: Windom

Pet Show

Area children brought their animals (real and stuffed) to our pet show during a community celebration. We had local judges and every entry received a blue ribbon. An entry fee of fifty cents was charged and proceeds were donated to March of Dimes.

Members Needed: 8 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 60
Submitted By: Emmons Area

Poinsettia Sale Challenge

Poinsettias were sold to raise money to pay for Adopt-a-Family gifts. As an incentive the Richfield chapter was "challenged" to beat Bloomington's sales. Letters were sent to local businesses to recruit their support. Members were given order forms at the September meeting. This seemed early to some, but the florists need to know far enough in advance how many plants to order. This was a successful project as we made money to purchase the Christmas gifts for our adopted family.

Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 25
Submitted By: Richfield

Sale: Sand

In conjunction with Dayton's Clean-Up Day, our members held a sandbox sand sale. The sand was on sale at the Dayton Elementary School parking lot. The sand was donated by Duininck Bros and Larry Miller Trucking. We encouraged residents to empty their containers at Central Park and then stop at our sale to fill them up with sand again.

Members Needed: 2-3 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 5
Estimated Time: 24
Submitted By: Dayton

Santa Breakfast

The Santa Breakfast is a breakfast served with the presence of Santa Claus, who visits with the children before or after they eat with their families. The event also includes sleigh rides with real reindeer as well as door prize drawings, goody bags donated by community groups, a bake sale by another community group and a coloring contest. This created much good will among both community residents and chapter members. This project works with many community groups and increases our visibility and support in the community.

Members Needed: 15 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 200
Submitted By: Holdingford

Santa's Carnival

Held annually. Kids come and play carnival games. We also have a "Secret Shop" for them to buy gifts for family members and wrap them. Treats are also provided.

Members Needed: for each game, 1 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Submitted By: Fridley

Santa's Shop

Bought inexpensive gifts for kids to buy Christmas presents for mom, dad, brother, sister, etc. It was held at the Holiday Fair. Get donations and have local shops donate items and wrappings. Then the kids come and shop for mom, dad and siblings. Then we wrap them; and sold them for 25 cents. The kids love it! Makes them feel great.

Members Needed: 5+ member(s)
Estimated Cost: 0
Estimated Time: 25
Submitted By: Emmons & Montgomery

Tupperware Party

This was originally planned as a fundraiser for the KF, but was also offered as an M-Night/Social. The Tupperware person displayed and talked about some of the old stand-bys as well as new items in the line. Chapter received 10% of sales.

Members Needed: 15 member(s)
Estimated Cost: 10
Estimated Time: 3
Submitted By: Richfield

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