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2023 Annual Convention2023 Annual Convention

MNWT Finance Committee Raffle Drawing

Meet the Candidates

MNWT Finance Committee Raffle Drawing

on Saturday, May 20, 2023

  • 1st Prize: 2-night stay at the Crowne Plaza

  • 2nd Prize: 1-night stay at Arrowwood Resort with Water Park Passes

  • 3rd Prize: $100 cash





2023 USWT Year-End Convention2023 USWT Year-End Convention

2020 Top-Rated NonprofitFellowshipGreat Nonprofits

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State Staff Info

President Jenise Teske
Giving a Piece of Your Heart


The HEART Award: Is there a member of your community that has exhibited qualities of “Giving of Their Heart”? Complete the form below and email to me to let this person know you appreciate and value what they are doing. See Page 6 of her CIP.

  • You realize that someone in your local community exhibits any or all of the necessary qualities:
    • Helping others happily
    • Excited, energetic, earnest
    • Active in projects, admirable
    • Reliable, remarkable
    • Talented, tireless
  • Send an email at with the above information.
  • An award will be granted at least once per trimester.
Articles of Incorporation
  • Proof of Annual Renewal for 2022 (copy of email from MN Sec of State)
  • Proof of insurance for current year
  • Proof of 990N filing for the fiscal year 6/1/21 thru 5/31/22 (copy of email from IRS after 6/1/22)

2nd Trimester Challenge:

  • Chapter President , you have made it through the 1st Trimester, and in ways it might have been overwhelming. But I want you to look at the progress you have made and what steps you want to take next. Look at what you have done right and what you might be able to improve upon. Make it into a VISION board, if you will. You could do individually or as a board. Once you complete the exercise below, email it to me or bring it to our Chapter President chat! See Page 3 of her CIP.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Administrative VP Michelle McGowan
Making the Pieces Fit

SAVE THE DATE: AVP/SD Chat Sunday, November 20 at 7:00pm!

Do you have questions? Want to share ideas? Join AVP Michelle and your fellow Women of Today State Delegates for a chat about MNWT. It is an open time to ask each other for ideas or get some support. We will also discuss roles of District Board members. This is a great time to learn more if you are thinking about this in the future. Come on at any time and stay as long or short as you want. The Mid-Year and Year End Evaluations have been put on hold this year. I would like you to still do a Mid-Year for your own review and my review before November 13; sharing ideas that have been successful, talking about visits to other chapters, and activities that have inspired you and others. Also include challenges that you have faced or additional assistance that you may need so Executive Council members can support you to be successful in your leadership role. I am excited to read your Mid-Year reviews and look forward to hearing how you are “making the pieces fit.” And finally, do not hesitate to reach outto me when you have questions, need information, or just want to chat. I’m happy to help with whatever you need.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Membership VP Shellie Matthes
Membership Starts with ME

2nd Trimester Membership Challenge

  • Hold a membership (recruiting orsocial) event during Membership Week October 9-15, invite MVP Shellie and the State President Jenise; AND
  • Achieve at least 75% retention for 2nd trimester; AND
  • Add at least one new member at your M-Event; AND
  • Your chapter’s name will be put in a drawing to win a FUN box at Winter State convention in January 2023.

Tri 2 closeout is just around the corner, Friday, December 30! We are excited to talk with you about your successes and future plans. Closeout is different this Trimester in that we will be offering chapters the opportunity to phone in to the Chapter Service Center at 320-845-2250 or pop on the Zoom meeting and talk to President Jenise! The time to call in has also been changed: Noon to 4:00pm. The Zoom link will be sent out to chapter MNWT emails and posted to the MNWT Membership Facebook page. Mark your calendars now and have your chapter’s Membership VP or chapter President call in/zoom in and they will be placed in a drawing for a gift card! ****Tri 2 Closeout – Friday, 12/30 – Noon to 4:00pm – call in or log on to the zoom*******

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Chapter Management VP Linda Nindorf
Strengthening Our Chapters

2nd Trimester To Do List:

  • Submit your Early Bird Renewals by November 15, 2022 to CSC
  • Complete CMVP Challenge of one of the Five Traits of a Healthy Chapter
  • Complete and submit SUCCESS by January 2, 2023 to
  • Share important 2nd Trimester calendar dates with your chapter

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Success Coordinator Cindy Sanders

Presidential SUCCESS Bonus Points for 2nd Trimester
  • Have three or more members attend the October MNWT webinar (25 points); AND/OR
  • Support ONTO sales by purchasing a T-shirt or flowers (25 points); AND/OR
  • Submit at least one nomination for the Winter State Outstanding Awards by November 1 (25 points); AND/OR
  • Participate in the President’s 2nd Trimester challenge (25 points); AND/OR
  • Have two or more members attend another chapter’s meeting or event by December 31 (25 points)
  • (Maximum 100 points)

Programming VP Shirley Viesselman
Putting the Pieces Together

2nd Trimester Challenge

  • Review this CIP for information on how to communicate effectively and show off your skills by creating a 2nd trimester programming email or newsletter for your chapter’s LPMs. No LPMs, that’s okay, create one for your chapter instead. Include in your email to get credit for the challenge.

Next Priority Area: We are looking for a MNWT New Priority Area starting the 2024–2025 MNWT year. Please contact me at with your suggestions.


  • 25 pts for participating in each programming (max: 100 pts)
  • 25 pts for participating in USWT Domestic Violence Awareness
  • 10 pts/member for completing USWT Wellness & Personal Development certification
  • 10 pts/member for completing MNWT Living & Learning certification
  • 50 pts for chapter certification in PE course
  • 20 pts/entry for Project of the Trimester (Max: 4 entries)
  • 25 pts for participating with another non-profit organization in local project

Online Resources:

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Marketing VP Michelle Kocak Jones
On Your Mark

2nd Trimester Challenge

Chapters or members will be entered into a drawing each time they complete an item below. There is no limit on number of entries and drawing will take place at Winter State.

  • Take “Jenise on a Stick” along with you to a community event or public location and send me a picture (via Facebook, email, text, snail mail, passenger pigeon, whatever). Bonus entry for every time you use it as a marketing tool to tell someone about MNWT and President Jenise.
  • Review, Update, or create and provide me with a copy of your chapter brochure/handout that is used for providing info to potential members.
  • Advertise your monthly meetings and/or events in at least one new way this trimester and let me know how. (Facebook, Nextdoor, Meetup, Newspaper, Flyers posted on community boards, etc.)

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

PR Assistant Jeny Ohr

I would love to get some feedback from chapters about what posts you would like to see or feel would benefit your community. You can send your ideas to Can’t wait to see all the ways MNWT is Marketing Our Mark!

NEWSLET Editor Amy Pumper

Please send Amy at with updates and photos from across the state.

Financial VP Cindy Golbuff
Bee Vested in MNWT

State Ways & Means Donations

Our organization depends on donations from chapters, districts and individuals to help support our budget each year. We have a goal to raise $3,000.00 in donations and currently have $392 (sent to me) so we have just $2608 left to raise. If we had 50 chapters donate at least $60 during the year, we would raise $2500 and if each of the 9 districts donated $60 we would raise over $3000. We are lucky that there are many individuals that donate as well. Your support through donations truly makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Extensions Director Glorie Balfanz
Wherever You Go, Go with all Your Heart

The second Extensions Week will be November 5 to 12, 2022. The Task Force will be planning Meet and Greet Events this Week. Please join us! We are planning fun events to engage new communities in MNWT. You will see information on the Membership Facebook Pages and Chapter Mailing Highlights and in chapter emails.

Amazing Offer from the MNWT Foundation

Any new chapter that completes an extension November 30, 2022 will receive $250.00. This is amazing. Please join me on the Extensions Task Force to see if we can give a new chapter this money to help them get o to a great start. Did you know that the MNWT Foundation has other ways to help new chapters? Chapters can:

  • Apply for Extension Funding. To help chapters, districts or extensions teams when they are looking to extend a new chapter.
  • Apply for a Grant for Newly Extended Chapters.
  • Apply for a Loan for a Newly Extended Chapter.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Secretary JoAnn Miller
Making Minutes Count

The Chapter Mailings are mailed out nine (9) times each year and contain information from staff and SPMs, plus the meeting minutes from the exec council and business meetings. Each chapter receives a copy. They are also available online by going to the staff pages, and then to the secretary’s page. The July and August/September issues are online now, so please take some time to read them.

The State Plan of Action has been updated, printed and mailed to those who requested printedcopies. Donations from chapters, districts, individuals, and other areas of Women of Today to help pay for the State POA have covered the cost of printing and mailing. A HUGE thank you to The Office Shop Inc in Aitkin/Brainerd for giving us a bid that was MUCH less than any others we received!

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Parliamentarian JoJo Larson
Checking in with BOB

State Bylaw and Policy Review

MNWT Bylaw & Policy Review: Please join us for the Minnesota Women of Today Bylaw and Policy review. It will be held in Aitkin at 2:00pm. We will have a Zoom option, as well. If you have suggested changes, please contact and we can discuss to get your suggestions on my listing for discussion. If you want to attend, JoJo will get you an address when you RSVP or I can get you Zoom information, if needed.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Presidential Assistant Lisa Hahn
Together, We Can Accomplish Anything

Year End Gift & Scrapbook

This year will go by very quickly and before we know it, it will be Annual convention where we all want to look at President Jenise's scrap books of your chapter and district events. So, we are requesting that each chapter and district prepare a 12 x 12-inch scrap book page (front and back) including pictures and mementos of events from your year. I would like these by April 14, so the St. Joseph chapter and I have a few weeks to assemble them. One of my fun duties is to present President Jenise with a year-end gift. We ask each chapter and district to please donate $ 10 - $20 if you are able. Thank you to the following chapters and district that sent in their checks first trimester: Duluth, New Hope, Aitkin, Sauk Rapids, Coon Rapids, Anoka, Monticello, Champlin, Avon, St. Joe, Albany and District 3. Please make the check payable to MNWT and mail to the chapter service center. In the Memo area on your check, please write "President Year End Gift." Thanks for helping to make this a memorable year for President Jenise!


Please forward copies of pictures that you take when President Jenise comes to visit your chapter and district meeting and your amazing events that your chapter puts on. Even if President Jenise is not in the picture, we would still like to have them so we can celebrate all the fun you are having this year. You can send them electronically to and or You can hand them to me at conventions or mail them to me.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

COB Anna Nichols
Simple Smiles

2nd Trimester Challenge:

Send me a quick email to share the ways you will be supporting your chapter succession planning this year. How does your chapter support new presidents and board members? Do members have individual growth plans? What board positions does your chapter have the most trouble filling? Other? You can find me at I am excited to hear what your chapter does to support succession. Why?: Because Past Presidents like incentives too.

2022-2023 ONTO Flowers:

Give a piece of your heart and share words of friendship and support with other members of your chapter, district, and state this year at Fall State by giving them an ONTO Flower or three. This year’s flowers are made to travel (and eat). If the recipient is not attending Winter State, they will be sent with a fellow chapter/district member to deliver. Each flower will include a note from you up to 500 characters (about 125 words). The cost is $2.50 each or Five (5) for $10.00.

State Programming Info

MNWT Community Connections

SPM OPEN, Making a Connection

2nd Trimester Challenge
  • On October 22, it’s “Make a Difference Day.” She threw out a last-minute challenge to all chapters who do a small act of kindness in their communities during the weekend of October 21-23r, 2022. It could be volunteering at their local food shelf, volunteering at an animal shelter, donating blood, donating to a local nonprofit, being part of a community event, etc. Email your chapters act of kindness to by November 1 st to be entered into a drawing at Winter State.
  • Person with Determination Award Nominations for the Person with Determination Award are due by November 1. Guidelines and forms can be found on the MNWT website under Recognition: Leadership. Submit your nomination or have questions, contact
  • Continuing her 1st Trimester challenge into 2nd Tri: For every member, chapter, and District to send a $15 donation to help fund PWD award. For each $15 donation, the donor's name will be entered into a drawing for a basket at Winter State.

Check Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

MNWT Living & Learning

SPM Marie Pedigo, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

2nd Trimester Challenge
  • Have your chapter complete a PEP course
  • Have one or more members submit a MNWT Living & Learning or USWT Wellness & Personal Development certification
  • Submit a 2nd Trimester L&L Project of the Trimester

Your name will be put into a drawing for each challenge met. The drawing will be held at the next State Convention.

Check Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

MNWT Priority Area: Crescent Cove

SPM Connie Fink, Shining Stars

2nd Trimester Challenge
  • Winter State Fundraiser: Look for information on the Barn Quilt Painting Fundraiser at Winter State in January! Barn Quilts will be available to purchase and paint.
  • Crescent Cove Challenge: Donate $25 or more to Crescent Cove and get a chance in a drawing at Winter State. This can be an individual, Chapter or District. Send to the Chapter Service Center and inform me. Email me with ways you are fundraising for Crescent Cove. Pictures are welcome! You will be entered in the drawing.
  • Let me know how you have promoted Crescent Cove, if you have toured or volunteered at Crescent Cove, held an information session, guest speaker, etc., and your name will be in the drawing.

Check Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

MNWT Women’s Wellness

SPM Maggie Holmberg, All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Trimester Focus: Changing Your Narrative

Continuing focus on how we speak to ourselves and about ourselves. This also goes hand-in-hand with how we think and speak about others. A major role in body positivity is not only accepting yourself, but accepting those around you, which leaves no space for comparison.

  • The media and society have made many damaging norms that it’s hard to notice because they come so naturally to us.
  • Negativity towards food or having to “earn” something by working out before or after is rooted in fatphobia.
  • She challenges every chapter to find different ways to help make their community more body positivity. Check out the MNWT Programming Facebook page on Women’s Wellness Thursdays for different ideas on how to do that.
Lois M Christensen Women Who Impact Award nominations are due November 1.
  • Recognize an amazing woman who makes a difference in your community! Named the Lois M Christensen Women Who Impact Award in 2009, a version of this outstanding woman award has been given out since the 1990s.
  • Negativity towards food or having to “earn” something by working out before or after is rooted in fatphobia.
  • It is designed to honor women who have made a valuable contribution and impact upon their communities. An honorarium may be given to the top honoree to a 501c3 charity of their choice. This award is given at the Winter State Convention. A nominee may be nominated for work in one of the following areas:
    • Non-Profit: for example, community service, volunteerism, spirituality;
    • Youth Outreach: for example, special educations, after school programming, mentoring, 4-H, Scouts;
    • Women’s Advocacy: for example; women’s shelters, business, government, healthcare.

Check Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

MNWT Youth of Today

SPM Sue Lemke, Let Them Bloom

Her focus this year is improving the mental health of our youth.

2nd Trimester Challenge
  • Nominate a Youth for the Outstanding Youth Award. (Drawing at Winter State)
  • Make a donation of $25 to the Scholarship fund (Drawing at Annual)
  • Nominate a Project of the Trimester and/or Outstanding Program manager (drawing at Winter)
  • Do one project in the area of Youth of Today this year and let me know what it was. If the project helps youth with Mental Health, you get two chances. Drawing at Annual)

OYA Scholarship is a yearly honor awarded to 3 individuals that are making contributions to their community. The form to complete and guidelines are on the MNWT webpage under the YT section. She has a goal of receiving 10 nominations for these scholarships, they are due November 1. Her goal is $1000.00. She will also be doing a grab and go breakfast at Winter State as a fundraiser. The grab and go breakfast will be individual healthy items such as juice, fruits, granola bars, and more.

All donations of $25 or more made by September 1st will be entered into a drawing for a special gift from me at Fall State. Sue’s Trimester Challenge: There are 4 ways to win a special gift from me!

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

State Committee Info

MNWT Foundation

Chair Nicky Anderson

Become a Sustaining Member!

For an annual $25 donation you, your chapter or both can become sustaining members of the Foundation. Funds are uncommitted and used at the board’s discretion to support the mission of the MNWT. Funds have been used for the membership rebate/incentives, for PE courses, to pay for speakers at convention, to support new and rebuilding chapters and many more programs. Won’t you send your donation today? We also have Venmo to collect payments now.

Chapter Grants Available

Grant applications can be found on the Foundation page of the website and are due postmarked December 1 to the Chapter Service Center. For more information please contact Chapter Grants Chair Laura Gaylord.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Future Directions Committee

Chair Wendy Homyak, A Look Back & A Look Forward

2nd Trimester Webinar on Wednesday, 10/26/2022
  • 6-6:30pm: How to Make Reporting Programming Fun!
  • 6:30-7pm: Keep the Excitement Going!
  • 7-8pm: Conflict Resolution & Improving Cohesion in your Chapter

Our next Future Directions Committee meeting will be on November 19, 2022, at Holy Nativity in New Hope at 1:00pm. Would love to have you join us!

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Membership Management Committee

Chair Tawn Hanson, Where It Comes Together

Join Us November 19 for the 2nd Trimester Statewide Committee meetings will be held Nov. 19th from 10:00am to 3:00pm at Holy Nativity in New Hope, MN. Lunch will be provided.

Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Marketing Committee

  • For Marketing Committee Meeting information, see the information under the Marketing VP above.

MNWT Covid-19 Information & Suggestions

Due to the increased volume of requests to use the MNWT GoToMeeting account for meetings,
we have created a GoToMeeting Request Form so Tanya can better track the requests and have them all in one place. 
Requests will be honored in the order they are received based upon availability.  Please use the link to request a time;
she will respond within 24 business hours to your request to let you know if the time you request is available.
If you have already requested a meeting, you do NOT need to request again using the form.

District Meetings

Minnesota Women of Today is recommending that districts do hold a meetings in an online format such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. The Spring meetings are normally when new district officers are elected, and it is encouraged to include that in your meeting agenda. AVP Michelle McGowan will be coordinating this process with the district directors to ensure they are able to host an online meeting. Executive Director Tanya Rothstein will assist with setting up meetings, as needed.

Chapter Meetings & Events

MNWT is not offering specific recommendations to chapters; however, you are welcome to contact Executive Director Tanya Rothstein if you are looking for assistance in setting up an online meeting for your group, email or call 320-845-2250.

#mnwtstillsocial #mnwtfellowshipatadistance

If your chapter is holding at-home fellowship activties, like virtual meetings using online meeting tools or other virtual activities, please use #mnwtstillsocial #mnwtfellowshipatadistance when posting your events on social media! We will share your posts on the MNWT Facebook page.

What are you Cooking? by New Hope Women of Today

Social distancing isn't fun, but it's what we do for the better good of all. Being apart, should not mean being alone. Let's all take a moment to share a go to recipe. It can be anything; a meal, snack, or comfort food. Email you recipe to and we will share them on our website.


Here is a great in-home chapter service project to do during the Covid-19 crisis! We know there are a bunch of sewers in our organization. Our communities are in need of face masks, and this is something we can all do while staying in our house! MNWT LL SPM Sarah Sundine was able to make 11 the other day with most of the supplies already in her house. Click here for a link from Allina with directions, as well as many drop off locations around the cities. If you are not near the Twin Cities, think of donating these to your local healthcare facillities, like elderly care, clinics, hospitals, etc.

If you make a donation, you can send the quantity donated to and I will track donations to report out. If your chapter is holding this at-home service activty or other activies similar to this, please use #mnwtserviceatadistance when posting your events on social media! We will share your posts on the MNWT Facebook page.

How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Why do we find video calls so draining? In part, it’s because they force us to focus more intently on conversations in order to absorb information. They also require us to stare directly at a screen for minutes at a time without any visual or mental break, which is tiring. To make video calls less exhausting for yourself, try using a few research-based tips.

    1. Avoid multitasking. It may be tempting to get other work done on a video call but switching between tasks can cost you as much as 40 percent of your productive time. The next time you’re on a video chat, close any tabs or programs that might distract you, put your phone away, and stay present.
    2. Take mini breaks during longer calls by minimizing the video, moving it to behind your open applications, or just looking away from your computer now and then.
    3. Do some light stretching helps too, during breaks. Examples, yoga poses and stretching the neck and arms. If possible, sit on a balance ball or balance ball chair. While or when sharing your screen, standing up like you would in person meeting or presentation helps too getting the blood flow(do not worry they won’t be able to see you), or cast your meeting into a big screen where attendees can see you standing up presenting on a big screen like they would in a conferences or corporate meeting. Hydrate often, drink water.
    4. Check your calendar for the next few days to see if there are any conversations you could have over phone or email instead. Especially in situations where you’re communicating with people outside of your organization, don’t feel obligated to send a Zoom link. Often, a phone call is more appropriate.

Click here for more detail on zoom fatigue.

FellowshipMembership Renewal Cermony

Membership ResourcesImportant Information on the Website

Quick Reference Email Addresses

MNWT Website Website Scavenger Hunt

Our new website may have you at a loss on where to find items you previously were used to finding. Here is a fun way to learn how to navigate it; the Web Team created a website scavenger hunt. There are ten (10) questions you and six (6) of the questions have a BONUS; these are optional. To prep for the hunt, you can review 2019 Revised Website Introduction for more information on the changes that were made.

Let's Go Scavenger Hunting!

MailChimpA taskforce is setting up a program to communicate more frequently using this tool. Please consider signing up now to receive these communications in the future. Subscribe to Recieve eBlasts!

Links to the Web Team can always be found on the Executive Director webpage.

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