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If you have contact changes, please complete the USWT Add & Change Form. If you have further questions, please contact

President/State Delegate RetreatSave the Date for Fall State: September 23-25, 2022

MNWT Fall State

MNWT Finance Committee Fundraiser

MNWT Finance Committee Fundraiser

Hello MNWT Friends, it is time to order the best sheets you could ever want! MNWT has invited Dale/Kris with Sheets Galore to join us at MNWT Fall State Convention. See the attached flyer. The deal of 3 sets for $99.00 is at convention only. Guess what?? You and your friends can put your order together and get a deal! Or maybe your college kids need some "sweet" sheets! Otherwise go to their Sheets Galore website. There are 12 bee-utiful colors, and the price is $39/set regardless of what size you order. This is an amazing price, and the sheets last a long time! When you order online use the code "MNWT" and our MNWT organization receives the profit. I love to see how you all continue to "BEE Vested in MNWT" and your communities! Questions for me? Give me a "Buzz" at, MNWT FVP Cindy Golbuff

USWT Mid-Year Convention 2022USWT Mid-Year Convention 2022USWT Mid-Year Convention 2022

MNWT Collection to Support USWT Buckets of Sunshine (BOS): This year at the USWT Mid-Year Convention there will be a service project to support Heart to Heart International. More specifically, their efforts to supply medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. At the project fair, at the ONTO Table, COB Anna will be collecting monetary donations from members and chapters to bring to the USWT Mid-Year Convention in October. All of these donations will be given to Heart to Heart that weekend. It is my hope, as a state we can donate over $500 for this great cause. All districts, chapters, and members that donate will be recognized in the 2nd trimester USWT Buckets of Sunshine Project Report submitted by the COB. Checks can be made out to “MNWT” with “Heart to Heart” in the memo. Please note they do not need supplies for this project. Who will be joining President Jenise at the USWT Mid-Year Convention? The USWT Convention will be held October 7 & 8 in Kansas City, Missouri. Advanced registration is only $105 and is due September 15. Two full days of events are scheduled. Plan on arriving early on Friday for trainings and activities starting after noon. One thing Kansas City is known for is TAILGATING! Wear your favorite sports team attire to the Friday Night Party and be ready to play some traditional tailgate games. We will have some of our favorite tailgate foods to snack on. We will also be doing a team building competition, building hygiene kits for Heart to Heart International, our Buckets of Sunshine Project. Bring your monetary donations to the MNWT Fall State Convention and we will present them with one BIG check from MN. Saturday will be filled with food, fun and recognition to all of the amazing states and chapters in our organization. Don’t forget your dollars! Hotel and registration information can be found on the USWT website.

Women of Today Week  2022Women of Today Week September 19-25, 2022

In 1950, a group of dedicated women formed the Mrs. Jaycees of Minnesota with a mission of community service. Several name and organizational changes occurred over the years, and in July 1985 we became known as the Minnesota Women of Today. Our three areas of focus are Community Service, Personal and Professional Growth, and Fellowship. Through membership, the MNWT organization has brought together people throughout Minnesota who are passionate about improving their lives and the lives of people around them; encouraging young people to become involved and hold positions of leadership; and provides opportunities for all members in the areas of community service, growth and fellowship. As a result, MNWT is clearly making a difference in the lives of people and their communities all around the state. Therefore, we celebrate our members efforts during the third week of September each year, and call it Women of Today week. How will your chapter be celebrating?

Women of Today Week
Once again the 35W bridge will be light up blue for Women of Today week on September 19. More information to follow.

MNWT ONTO FlowersUSWT Mid-Year Convention 2022Get Your 2022–2023 ONTO Flower Order in Soon!

Give a piece of your heart and share words of friendship and support with other members of your chapter, district, and state this year at Fall State by giving them an ONTO Flower or three. This year’s flowers are made to travel (and eat). If the recipient is not attending Winter State, they will be sent with a fellow chapter/district member to deliver. Each flower will include a note from you up to 500 characters (about 125 words). The cost is $2.50 each or Five (5) for $10.00. The due date to guarantee flowers and preprinted note cards is January 5! A limited number of flowers will be available at Winter State. Go to 2022-2023 ONTO Flowers Order Form to reserve your flowers now! Then mail checks to Anna Nichols, payable to “MNWT” with “ONTO Flowers” in the memo.

President Jenise’s ONTO shirts will be available for purchase at the Fall State Project Fair from 7 pm – 9 pm. All pre orders can also be picked up at that time. ~MNWT COB Anna

2020 Top-Rated NonprofitFellowshipGreat Nonprofits

We have been honored with a Top-Rated Award
for 2020 from GreatNonprofits!

We have won a 2020 Top-Rated Award from @GreatNonprofits (#GreatNP2020)! Read inspiring stories about us and add your own! We appreciate all of your contributions!

Great Nonprofits is the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonproftis. These stories are submitted by people who know you best -- your clients, donors, volunteers, and others -- all those who have experienced the impact of nonprofit work up close!

"GreatNonprofits focuses on helping people make great giving decisions through socially sourced feedback and reviews." ~Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Help us enable Great Nonprofits to harness a most authentic and most effective advertising—your stories submitted by people who know us best -- our members, donors, volunteers, and others we have supported -- all those who have experienced the impact of our nonprofit work up close!

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State Staff Info

President Jenise Teske
Giving a Piece of Your Heart

Presidential SUCCESS Bonus Points (Maximum 100 points)

  • Submit a Chapter Officer, Chapter Information, and Program Manager sheets (25 points); AND/OR
  • Donate $50 for costs of printing State POA (25 points); AND/OR
  • Have 2 members attend the 1st Tri Webinar (25 points); AND/OR
  • Spend $25 at the State Store, excluding certificates (25 points); AND/OR
  • Complete the Presidential Assistant’s 1st Trimester Challenge (25 points)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Proof of Annual Renewal for 2022 (copy of email from MN Sec of State)
  • Proof of insurance for current year
  • Proof of 990N filing for the fiscal year 6/1/21 thru 5/31/22 (copy of email from IRS after 6/1/22)

Jif Peanut Butter Recall

WeI have been notified that some of the Jif Peanut Butter used by Klein Foods to make the fudge sold before and at convention was recalled. I know not all of you ordered but I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware and can take steps. The number at the bottom of the recalled peanut butter fudge is 224025A. You can also call Klein Foods at phone#: 507-532-3127. I apologize for any concerning issues that have arisen.

Chapter Presidents

I am reaching out to all Chapter Presidents to offer my support and congratulations on taking your position. I am here to be a resource and cheerleader. I know you are all "Giving of Your Heart" to your chapters, communities, friends and family. For those of you who were not at the convention, I am sorry I did not get to meet you in person at the President's Roundtable on Saturday, 5/21. At our meeting, those present expressed a desire to have a group that could collaborate, share ideas, share successes, share frustrations. I created a contact list with names/emails/phone numbers. If you would like to be part of that group and were not present at the convention, please reach out to me. I will be sending out a list next week. Thank you for your support.

I and my staff have so many exciting things planned for this coming year--challenges to help your chapter members grow personally, ideas for recruiting and retaining members, ideas for how to participate in the different programming areas. We have an awesome group of State Programming Managers that have awesome ideas for promoting their respective areas.

The MNWT staff, District Directors, State Program Managers, and our executive director will be gathering at Arrowwood Resort in Baxter this weekend to have more training and opportunities to build friendships and start off the 2022-2023 year with motivation and excitement.

I want all of you to know that any person in a state level of position is here to help you understand more, learn more, and encourage you to participate more. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner to any correspondence. I encourage all of you to make time in your schedules to attend the summer District meetings--to have fun, get to know other members and chapters in your district, and to meet your new District Directors. I am planning to get to as many meetings as possible this summer.

Chapter boards, encourage each other to report to your state/district counterparts, to encourage your chapter members to attend the 1st Trimester Webinar on 6/22, where topics will include using SUCCESS to plan your chapter calendar; how to find a member of your community to nominate for an Outstanding award; and tips/tricks from our "A" team--Parli/Secretary.

Welcome Letter

I am honored to have been elected as your 2022-2023 State President. I am looking forward to working with all of you and seeing what a difference each one of you will make “Giving a Piece of Your Heart.”

My goal for all chapters is to have its members know what tools they have access to in order to find new members, to maintain healthy chapters, to retain and keep active their current members.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you this year at district and state meetings to share my goals for helping our membership continue being strong. I know that, together, we can find what piece we give to MNWT and how to best use that. I believe that you are all valuable pieces in our chapters and communities and a vital part of our organization.

Don’t forget to let your members know how much you value their presence at your events and meetings and their contributions to your chapter projects. Acknowledge those that are going above & beyond by nominating them for a Presidential pin or medallion. And, if you know someone in your community that is sharing their heart with others, nominate them for a H.E.A.R.T. award by emailing with your chapter name, person being nominated and what they have done to make a difference.

I am looking forward to visiting with as many as you as possible this year. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Administrative VP Michelle McGowan
Making the Pieces Fit

President & State Delegate Retreat: July 23 in Sartell

This is a great opportunity to network with the other State Delegates and get great training geared for your position. We will also have some good food and fun activities. We will be training on how to Make the Pieces Fit between USWT, MNWT, the District, your Chapters and you. Along with ideas on how to encourage participation & the tactical and practical of being a State Delegate! Registration forms are available in my CIP and on the AVP or CMVP webpages.

District Meetings in 2022-2023

  • Held after convention (June, October, March/April).
  • Focus on the chapter and provide for connection at a local level.
  • A little bit of District business and a whole lot of Social, Service or Enrichment with each other.
  • Fun and Awards, Awards, Awards!

Meetings will last about two hours and will not be a rehash of the Convention business meeting or CIPs. There will be chapter sharing/social time, speakers or activities to do together. Have an idea or want to see something particular? Talk to your District Director! What’s Next? Talk to your chapter about the updates and generate excitement. We hope to see you all at these meetings.

Membership VP Shellie Matthes
Membership Starts with ME

MVPs, I hope you found your first trimester dues billing and chapter roster in your chapter email inbox. Please take a moment to review the chapter roster against your most current roster and send any changes or corrections to Tanya at the Chapter Service Center using the Add/Change Form available on the Member's homepage of the MNWT Website. If there are only a couple of corrections, you can email them to Tanya at

You also have your chapter's dues billing; please complete and return to CSC with your dues check. Dues are $50.00 per member. To mark a renewal, please put an "R" in the box by the member's name, and to drop a member who has chosen not to renew, write "DROP" in the box. Only leave the box blank if you do not yet know if the member is renewing. Even if none of the members are renewing, you must return the form back to Tanya with all members marked as drops by the deadline so she knows that no one is renewing; if she does not receive the billing form back from your chapter by August 15th you will be charged the late fee of $10.00. Remember, to get credit for Early Bird renewals, they must be postmarked by the 15th of July. Final renewals must be postmarked by August 15th; renewals postmarked after August 15 will be charged a $10 late fee. If you have any questions, please contact me at 612-749-9538 or Chapter Service Center address: PO Box 216, Albany, MN 56307. We are going to have lots of fun as we work together on your membership goals!

At the Membership VP round table at Annual Convention, those in attendance wanted to have either a monthly newsletter or a periodic zoom that would allow the MVP's to chat and share, vent or request assistance. Please send me your name, email address and chapter name. I am in the process of assembling a monthly email newsletter to share ideas, tips, tricks and successes. Please send this information to: as soon as possible. I would like to start in July. If you would prefer a zoom call, just let me know and I can set something up.

The 1st Trimester roster and Dues Billing was sent out last week to chapter MNWT email addresses and hopefully forwarded to you. You will need to focus on the last page; the members up for renewal form and reach out to each name on the list up for renewal and ask them if they are renewing. This form along with payment needs to be postmarked by July 15 to be considered for Early Bird. There is a formula to calculate Early Bird status - see my CIP (chapter information packet) which should have been given to you by your chapter president if paper copies are requested by your chapter (I have attached to this email as well for your reference). On page 5 under "How to Handle Trimester Dues'' - point 4 explains how Early Bird is calculated.

I am also including a copy of the Growth Plan for your use. This will help you plan out your chapters growth for the year. If you do not know what your chapter's May base is - send me an email and I can answer for you. Follow the instructions on the form to complete each section. Once completed - share this with your chapter at your next meeting so all members understand your goals for the year. The plan can be adjusted each Trimester as membership changes. Call or email with questions.

I am also including an outline for the Membership VP Fast Start. Part 1 is 1.) Complete the Growth Plan; 2.) Plan a membership event for 1st trimester with details; and 3.) Describe your plans for membership within your chapter for the next year. Send all 3 items to me. Part 2 is to send in renewals by Early Bird. Please reach out with questions, comments or to just chat!

What is the role of the Membership Vice President (MVP)?

You are the heart of the chapter. It is vital to not only recruit, but also to hold orientation sessions and activate new members. In addition, it is important to recognize, include, and give growth opportunities to your active, seasoned members.

New members bring more manpower to your chapter for projects and events; in addition, they can bring inspiration, new ideas and energy, and more opportunities for mentorship in your community. Each member is valuable and you can share that message with your fellow chapter members. Check my CIP each trimester for tips and tricks on with Membership.

Membership Success Points for 1st Trimester

  • Participate in Membership to earn SUCCESS points:
  • New member adds: add 10 points for each.
  • In-chapter Extensions (4 new members in one month): add 50 points.
  • At least 75% of renewals paid by Early Bird deadline (November 15): add 25 points.
  • Trimester retention 75%: add 25 points OR
  • Trimester retention 100%: add 50 points.
  • Trimester growth: add 50 points.
  • Hold a membership/social event: add 25 points.
  • Conduct a local membership orientation (not just for new members): add 25 points.
  • File an “intent to extend and hold an informational meeting: add 25 points.
  • Extension completed (10 charter members): add 200 points/chapter extended. [maximum of 400 points]

Chapter Management VP Linda Nindorf
Strengthening Our Chapters

1st Trimester To Do List:

  • Complete and submit President Fast Start by July 15
  • Complete a President Plan of Action (POA) including SMART goals
  • Complete CMVP Challenge of #1 of the Five Traits of a Healthy Chapter
  • Complete and send in President/State Delegate Retreat form by June 30
  • Share important 1st Trimester calendar dates with your chapter

Success Coordinator Cindy Sanders

One of my goals is to increase participation by 2 new chapters each trimester. If you have not submitted success in the last year and you participate this year, your chapter will be put into a drawing for a gift card each trimester. So what this means is…last year we had 21 chapters submitted, so I would love to see 23 chapters submitted! If you are a bit apprehensive about doing it, there are a lot of people you can reach out to, your district director, past chapter members who have done it. CMVP Linda or myself. We would love to help you. Success is due postmarked or emailed to the above email address on September 2, 2022. Points to claim first trimester only:

  • Attend the United States Annual Convention in Duluth
  • Attend LOTS (I know this has already happened)
  • President/State Delegate Retreat (25 points for president, 25 points for state delegate)
  • Submitting a Plan of Action to your District Director (this is 50 points!)
  • Bonus Bonanza Points: copy of Articles of Incorporation, proof of insurance for current year, proof of Annual Renewal with MN Secretary of State (email confirmation) and proof of 990 filing with the IRS for last fiscal year (email confirmation)

Programming VP Shirley Viesselman
Putting the Pieces Together

Find the MNWT Programming Facebook Page and like/share our posts:

  • Mondays with Community Connections SPM Rachal
  • Tuesdays with Living & Learning SPM Marie
  • Wednesdays with Crescent Cove SPM Connie
  • Thursdays with Women’s Wellness SPM Maggie
  • Fridays with Youth of Today SPM Sue
  • Saturdays & Sundays with MNWT PVP Shirley

1st Trimester Challenge

  • Review this Chapter Information Packet (CIP)
  • Complete your MNWT Fast Start: Programming Vice President by July 15
  • Share with me a little about you, your chapter and your plans for the year. This information will help me better support you. Email me at
  • Completing a trimester programming report

Marketing VP Jennifer Auger
Marketing Our Mark

1st Trimester Challenge

This challenge is open to all chapters and members. If you complete one of the following activities you or your chapter will be entered into a drawing for a fun incentive at Fall State.

  • Submit a Proclamation to your local mayor for July 1 Founders Day and send a copy to If you get a Proclamation photo please share with me also!
  • Submit an article to your local paper and cc me in the email or send me a copy of it to me
  • Make an event on your chapter Facebook page and share with your community through at least one other Facebook page or social media group.
  • Submit an ad to your local paper, radio station or TV station

PR Assistant Jeny Ohr

I am excited to be the MNWT PR Assistant this year. Please remember to check the official chapter emails for the latest Facebook posts. There are 13 weeks of posts for Sundays and Fridays. The next 13 weeks will be sent in August. I would love to get some feedback from chapters about what posts you would like to see or feel would benefit your community. You can send your ideas to Can’t wait to see all the ways MNWT is Marketing Our Mark!

NEWSLET Editor Jessica Schultz

Once again we are lucky to have Jessica Schultz from the Coon Rapids Women of Today chapter service as our MNWT NEWSLET Editor. Jessica is talented with her words, designs, and eye behind the camera. In addition to editing our wonderful newsletter, Jessica is also an integral part of our marketing committee. She is committed to Marketing our Marks alongside the Marketing VP and the rest of state staff, committees, and chapters to show Minnesota who we are!! Please send her emails at with updates and photos from across the state.

Financial VP Cindy Golbuff
Bee Vested in MNWT

Chapter and District Ways and Means

The Ways & Means area is a much-needed area on the chapter and district levels. I encourage your chapter and district to consider having someone in charge of the area to ensure that you are doing the fundraising your chapter needs to meet your budget needs. This could be someone that works with the treasurer to ensure that fundraising is happening. I will be sharing ideas each trimester in my CIPs, in Chapter Mailing Highlights and on Facebook. I am also looking for ideas of things your chapters and districts do to raise funds. It would be wonderful if you would send your ideas with a brief overview of what it takes to complete the project. A couple of fundraising ideas that were shared with me are Meat Raffles and Bingo. Other ideas might be helping at a concession stand at a sporting event or other special event in your community. I know several chapters also hold Craft Fairs also. What ideas do you have to share?

Finance Committee Members are Needed

Have you heard we have fun at a Finance Committee meeting? You can find out by becoming a member and being involved in the decision making for budgeting and fundraising for the Minnesota Women of Today. Contact me to find out more!

State Store Coordinator Jane Holmberg

Jane from the St. Cloud chapter is the State Store Manager and she is always looking for some ideas of things to have available in the state store. Contact Jane at with your ideas. Did you know that sales from the state store help us meet our budgetary needs? Items that are currently available include pens, note cards, postcards, the president’s mugs, small notebooks, clip boards, charms (commemorative, officer, years of service, and STEP), pins (commemorative, officer and years of service). Do your officers wear pins or charms showing that they are holding an officer position? If not, why not implement this and show pride in the positions and the leadership roles held? There are also officer and local program manager manuals available as well as certificates that you can use to recognize your members. The state store is at every state convention and area meetings, Local Officer Training Session (LOTS) and MN June Officer Training Session (MNJOTS).

Extensions Director Glorie Balfanz
Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart

1st Trimester Challenge

  • Participate in the Extensions Task Force; or
  • Participate in a Meet and Greet; or
  • File an Intent to Extend
  • Incentives will be given at Fall State convention.

Parliamentarian JoJo Larson
Checking in with BOB

State Bylaw and Policy Review

The State Bylaw and Policy review will be held in Aitkin on October 15. I have the following reps from each area to help review:

  • Area 1 Liz Weigel
  • Area 2 Glorie Balfanz
  • Area 3 Tevyan Sorenson
  • Area 4 OPEN (District 10)

If you are interested in the Area 4 opening, please let me know at Anyone throughout the state is welcome to attend. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing.

Secretary JoAnn Miller
Making Minutes Count

Local Secretary’s Responsibilities

  • Take attendance for each board and general membership meeting.
  • Maintain records for the permanent files.
  • Maintain and distribute a directory of members to the chapter.
  • Take minutes at each board and general membership meeting.
  • Print the minutes in chapter/district newsletter if possible. Otherwise, provide copies at meetings for approval.
  • Provide motion slips at each meeting.
  • Verify voting eligibility when necessary.
  • Take care of outside correspondence.
  • Publish and distribute the chapter newsletter, or delegate this to another member.
  • Assist the president when requested and able.

COB Anna Nichols
Simple Smiles

1st Trimester Challenge:

Send me a quick email to share the ways you will be supporting your chapter this year. Are you taking on any new positions? Chairing any large projects? Does your chapter have the Past President sit on the chapter board? Other? You can find me at I am excited to hear what your 2022-2023 plans are. Why? Because Past Presidents like incentives too!

Presidential Assistant Lisa Hahn
Together, We Can Accomplish Anything

Year End Gift

Earn 25 Success Points 1st TrimesterIt is tradition to present the State President with a gift at the Annual Convention to show our appreciation for her leadership this year. We ask each chapter and district to please donate $10 - $20 to this gift if you are able. To earn 25 success points, I am asking that you send in your donation by August 12, 2022. Please make the check payable to MNWT and mail it to the chapter service center. In the Memo area on your check, please write “President Year End Gift."

Photos & Scrapbook

At the end of the year, the St. Joseph Chapter will be compiling Photo Books to be presented to President Jenise full of pictures of her year as president. Please forward copies of pictures that you take when President Jenise comes to visit your chapter and district meetings and all of your amazing events that your chapter puts on. You can send them electronically; you can hand them to me at conventions or mail them to me.

We are requesting that each chapter and district prepare a 12 x 12-inch scrapbook page (front and back) including pictures and mementos of events from your chapter. These will be compiled into a large scrapbook and given to President Jenise at Annual Convention 2023. I would like these by April 14, so the St. Joseph chapter and I have a few weeks to assemble them.

Jenise would love to have something to remember her year as it will go by very quickly. Thanks for helping to make this a memorable year for President Jenise!

State Programming Info

MNWT Community Connections

SPM Rachal Mueller, Making a Connection

1st Trimester Challenge
  • For all LPMs who complete and turn in their Fast Starts, I’ll put your names into a drawing for gift card at Fall State Convention.
  • Any member, chapter, or district that donates $15 to the PWD gets their name entered into a drawing for a basket drawn at Winter State.
Fall State Project Fair

Come visit me at my table on Friday night at the Fall State Convention and learn more about Persons with Determinations (PWD). The Project Fair is a great way to meet your State Managers and State Committee Chairs. I will be selling chances to win a fun basket. Local Program Managers, Please stop by and introduce yourself. I’ll have an incentive for you. I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas on “Making a Connection.”

MNWT Living & Learning

SPM Marie Pedigo, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

1st Trimester Challenge
  • Complete your Living and Learning Fast Start by July 15
  • Have your chapter complete a PEP course
  • Have a minimum of one (1) member complete a certification: MNWT Living and Learning, USWT Wellness and Personal Development, and/or USWT STEP I-IV (whichever applicable)

Your name will be put into a drawing for each challenge met. The drawing will be held at the Fall State Convention.

MNWT Priority Area: Crescent Cove

SPM Connie Fink, Shining Stars

Hope you are all enjoying this summer! It is going to be very hot here where I live! My name is Connie Fink, SPM for Priority Area. I am from the Monticello Chapter. I have been in WT for 5 years. I am married and have 3 children and 2 grandsons. If anyone would like assistance with a fundraiser or for me to visit your chapter or district meeting email me and we can work out a time. There is a project coming up on August 25tfor Crescent Cove. I will be sending out more information on it soon. Please email me back and let me know who your LPM person for Priority Area is and what email they would like me to use. Looking forward to working with you this year!

1st Trimester Challenge
  • Donate $25 or more to Crescent Cove and get a chance in a drawing at Fall State. This can be an individual, Chapter or District. Send to the Chapter Service Center and inform me.
  • Email me with ways you are fundraising for Crescent Cove. Pictures are welcome! You will be entered in the drawing.
  • Let me know how you have promoted Crescent Cove, if you have toured or volunteered at Crescent Cove, held an information session, guest speaker, etc., and your name will be in the drawing.
  • DPMs and LPMs: Send in your fast starts and your name will be entered in a drawing at Fall State. 1st - 5th to turn theirs in will get three entries, 6th-10th will get two entries.

MNWT Women’s Wellness

SPM Maggie Holmberg, All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Trimester Focus: Changing Your Narrative

This trimester I want to focus on how we speak to ourselves and about ourselves. This also goes hand-in-hand with how we think and speak about others. A major role in body positivity is not only accepting yourself, but accepting those around you, which leaves no space for comparison. My challenge is to take a moment when negative thoughts come in your head towards yourself or others and question those thoughts. The media and society have made many damaging norms that it’s hard to notice because they come so naturally to us. Negativity towards food or having to “earn” something by working out before or after is rooted in fatphobia. Commenting on people’s body changes, smaller or bigger, is rooted in fatphobia. I want to challenge people to move away from focusing on body changes through fitness challenges or lifestyle changes to encouraging and celebrating how we feel doing the activities.

I want to challenge each chapter to discuss body positivity and how this affects them in their own lives, and how they can be more positive especially when talking or feeling about themselves. This can be something where you take a moment at chapter meetings to just reflect, or encourage a short open discussion. Give time to all the members on what they can do to change their mindset and help encourage body positivity, because as we become more positive when speaking about ourselves, we encourage those around us to do the same.

Lois M Christensen Women Who Impact Award

Recognize an amazing woman who makes a difference in your community! Named the Lois M Christensen Women Who Impact Award in 2009, a version of this outstanding woman award has been given out since the 1990s. It is designed to honor women who have made a valuable contribution and impact upon their communities. An honorarium may be given to the top honoree to a 501c3 charity of their choice. This award is given at the Winter State Convention. A nominee may be nominated for work in one of the following areas:

  • Non-Profit: for example, community service, volunteerism, spirituality;
  • Youth Outreach: for example, special educations, after school programming, mentoring, 4-H, Scouts;
  • Women’s Advocacy: for example; women’s shelters, business, government, healthcare.

My goal is to have a nomination from each area, and to work towards breaking down barriers that have hindered nominations in the past. Please reach out if you have someone in mind who deserves recognition for their contributions to your communities and we can work together to get them nominated!

MNWT Youth of Today

SPM Sue Lemke, Let Them Bloom

Project Fair at Fall State

I will have a booth at the Fall State Project Fair. I will be raffling off a basket for $5.00 a chance and you will also have the opportunity to guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar for $1. 00.. The closest one will win the candy. If you participate in both of them, I will have a small gift for you. Please help me reach my goal of $1000.00 for the OYA Scholarship fund. Who doesn’t like candy? I will also have lots of ideas of what your Chapter and individually can do to improve the Mental Health of Youth in your community. Additionally, I will have informational brochures on some Mental Health issues. The Project Fair is held on Friday night of the Fall State Convention and it is really fun to attend. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas.

Outstanding Young Adult

OYA Scholarship is a yearly honor awarded to 3 individuals that are making contributions to their community. I have heard many Chapters have Scholarship Programs at their local level, why not send an individual you have chosen on to the State level for the possibility of receiving another scholarship. If you do not have a scholarship program you still may submit an individual who is in the 11th or 12 grade that displays abilities in service, growth and fellowship. The form to complete and guidelines are on the MNWT webpage under the YT section. If you have difficulties finding it let me know and I would be happy to send it directly to you. If you can’t decide on just one person you may submit as many as you would like but each submission has a fee of $25.00 which goes into the scholarship fund. As SPM I have the responsibility of raising money for this wonderful program. As I mentioned above my goal is $1000.00 and will be raffling a basket and guessing the candy contest. Please stop by. I will also be doing a take and go breakfast at the Winter State Convention to help this cause.

If fundraisers are not your thing your chapter can also make a cash gift to OYA of any amount. All donations of $25 or more made by September 1st will be entered into a drawing for a special gift from me at Fall State. I have a goal of receiving 10 nominations for these scholarships, they are due November 1st. It is not too early to start with this process of doing the paperwork. Your chapter will be put in a drawing for a gift at Winter State. Please help me reach this important goal.

1st Trimester Challenge
  • There are 3 ways to win a special gift from me!
  • Let me know what you did and how many people helped for kids’ week. (Individual gift)
  • Nominate a Project of the Trimester and/or Outstanding Program manager (drawing)
  • Make a donation of $25.00 to the Scholarship fund. (Drawing)

State Committee Info

MNWT Foundation

Chair Nicky Anderson

Become a Sustaining Member! For an annual $25 donation you, your chapter or both can become sustaining members of the Foundation. Funds are uncommitted and used at the board’s discretion to support the mission of the MNWT. Funds have been used for the membership rebate program, for PE courses, to pay for speakers at convention, to support the President/State Delegate retreat and many more programs. Won’t you send your donation today?

The Foundation is here to help you and your chapter to be successful! Whether we can provide your chapter assistance by accepting your donation as a 501c3 (see page 2), an extension grant, a scholarship to a chapter member or a grant to your chapter for a local community project, we want to help you! Additionally the MNWT Foundation financially supports the organization with funding for speakers, officer training, equipment for the Chapter Service Center and other trainings. In order to support these programs, we rely on donations from individuals, chapters and corporations.

Remember the Foundation while planning out this new Women of Today year. We would love to be included in your chapter budget this year either with a one-time donation or something each trimester. Your donations directly support MNWT members and chapters. You may wish to designate your donation for a specific purpose such as chapter grants, outstanding awards, scholarships, or “undesignated,” which allows the Foundation Board to use the funds according to the needs of the Women of Today. We appreciate your donation!

A donation of at least $25 will qualify you as a sustaining member. A donation of $35 or more will qualify your chapter for Success points. No matter the size of your donation, it is appreciated. Please make your check payable to the MNWT Foundation, and mail to: Jane Hanson, Treasurer, MNWT Foundation, P.O. Box 232, Anoka, MN 55303

Fall State Lucky Buck Auction Items Needed

At Fall State 2022 we be holding our annual lucky buck auction. The proceeds from this auction support the chapter grants program that awards grants to individual chapters for their community projects. If you, your chapter have a donation, please contact Chapter Grants Chair, Laura Gaylord or contact me at We are looking for items 1. All Holiday Basket 2. Made in MN Basket 3.Warm me up Basket and there will also a tech basket.

Future Directions Committee

Chair Wendy Homyak, A Look Back & A Look Forward

MNWT Webinars! The Online Training Subcommittee has our next scheduled Webinars in place. This FREE event will be on Wednesday June 22 and the topics will be as follows:

  • Using the Success Tool to Support Your Local Chapter- Presented by Cat, 2021-2022 SUCCESS Coordinator
  • Winter State Outstanding Awards- presented by Wendy H, 2021-2022 FDC Chair
  • Bringing Your “A” Game. The Values of a Parliamentarian, Robert’s Rules of Order, Preparing an Effective Agenda, and Keeping Your Minutes Simple - presented by 2021-2022 Parliamentarian Barb and 2021-2022 Secretary Melissa

Membership Management Committee

Chair Tawn Hanson, Where It Comes Together

Mini Orientations

Orientations are not only for new members. Mini orientations can be used as a "refresher course" for the entire chapter on a variety of topics. You can devote a few minutes at your business meeting or put an article in the local newsletter as a way of informing new members as well as updating others on a particular area. Consider a mini orientation once a trimester minimum. Suggested topics include:

  • History of the local chapter - past presidents, scrapbooks, etc.
  • Awards - categories, past winners, awards won by chapter, how to nominate, state awards
  • Parliamentary Procedure - how to make a motion, voting, proper procedures according to Robert's Rules of Order.
  • Publications - local, district and state, how to submit an article, subject matter, deadlines.
  • Definition of a non-profit organization - one-third of chapter income for operating costs, two thirds donated to outside sources.
  • Reporting at a meeting - summarize, written reports, be creative to capture your audience.
  • Organization terminology - LPM, CIP, SPE, extension, visitation etc.

Marketing Committee

  • For Marketing Committee Meeting information, see the information under the Marketing VP above.

MNWT Covid-19 Information & Suggestions

Due to the increased volume of requests to use the MNWT GoToMeeting account for meetings,
we have created a GoToMeeting Request Form so Katie can better track the requests and have them all in one place. 
Requests will be honored in the order they are received based upon availability.  Please use the link to request a time;
she will respond within 24 business hours to your request to let you know if the time you request is available.
If you have already requested a meeting, you do NOT need to request again using the form.

District Meetings

Minnesota Women of Today is recommending that districts do hold a meetings in an online format such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. The Spring meetings are normally when new district officers are elected, and it is encouraged to include that in your meeting agenda. AVP Michelle McGowan will be coordinating this process with the district directors to ensure they are able to host an online meeting. Executive Director Tanya Rothstein will assist with setting up meetings, as needed.

Chapter Meetings & Events

MNWT is not offering specific recommendations to chapters; however, you are welcome to contact Executive Director Tanya Rothstein if you are looking for assistance in setting up an online meeting for your group, email or call 320-845-2250.

#mnwtstillsocial #mnwtfellowshipatadistance

If your chapter is holding at-home fellowship activties, like virtual meetings using online meeting tools or other virtual activities, please use #mnwtstillsocial #mnwtfellowshipatadistance when posting your events on social media! We will share your posts on the MNWT Facebook page.

What are you Cooking? by New Hope Women of Today

Social distancing isn't fun, but it's what we do for the better good of all. Being apart, should not mean being alone. Let's all take a moment to share a go to recipe. It can be anything; a meal, snack, or comfort food. Email you recipe to and we will share them on our website.


Here is a great in-home chapter service project to do during the Covid-19 crisis! We know there are a bunch of sewers in our organization. Our communities are in need of face masks, and this is something we can all do while staying in our house! MNWT LL SPM Sarah Sundine was able to make 11 the other day with most of the supplies already in her house. Click here for a link from Allina with directions, as well as many drop off locations around the cities. If you are not near the Twin Cities, think of donating these to your local healthcare facillities, like elderly care, clinics, hospitals, etc.

If you make a donation, you can send the quantity donated to and I will track donations to report out. If your chapter is holding this at-home service activty or other activies similar to this, please use #mnwtserviceatadistance when posting your events on social media! We will share your posts on the MNWT Facebook page.

How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Why do we find video calls so draining? In part, it’s because they force us to focus more intently on conversations in order to absorb information. They also require us to stare directly at a screen for minutes at a time without any visual or mental break, which is tiring. To make video calls less exhausting for yourself, try using a few research-based tips.

    1. Avoid multitasking. It may be tempting to get other work done on a video call but switching between tasks can cost you as much as 40 percent of your productive time. The next time you’re on a video chat, close any tabs or programs that might distract you, put your phone away, and stay present.
    2. Take mini breaks during longer calls by minimizing the video, moving it to behind your open applications, or just looking away from your computer now and then.
    3. Do some light stretching helps too, during breaks. Examples, yoga poses and stretching the neck and arms. If possible, sit on a balance ball or balance ball chair. While or when sharing your screen, standing up like you would in person meeting or presentation helps too getting the blood flow(do not worry they won’t be able to see you), or cast your meeting into a big screen where attendees can see you standing up presenting on a big screen like they would in a conferences or corporate meeting. Hydrate often, drink water.
    4. Check your calendar for the next few days to see if there are any conversations you could have over phone or email instead. Especially in situations where you’re communicating with people outside of your organization, don’t feel obligated to send a Zoom link. Often, a phone call is more appropriate.

Click here for more detail on zoom fatigue.

FellowshipMembership Renewal Cermony

Membership ResourcesImportant Information on the Website

Quick Reference Email Addresses

MNWT Website Website Scavenger Hunt

Our new website may have you at a loss on where to find items you previously were used to finding. Here is a fun way to learn how to navigate it; the Web Team created a website scavenger hunt. There are ten (10) questions you and six (6) of the questions have a BONUS; these are optional. To prep for the hunt, you can review 2019 Revised Website Introduction for more information on the changes that were made.

Let's Go Scavenger Hunting!

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