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If you have contact changes, simply email the chapter service center at with your updated information,
and don't forget to tell your local Membership Vice President.

Sheets GaloreSheets Galore Fundraiser

Due to the fact that we will be virtual for Winter State,
Sheets Galore is working with us to do an online fundraiser.

Sheets Galore Sheet Sets

The Finance committee was going to have Sheets Galore present at Winter State as our fundraiser; however, since we are virtual so is the fundraiser. The special offer is 1 set = $39 | 2 sets = $78 | 3 sets= $99 | Additional sets are $33 each. The scheduled event will run January 3-16, 2021. The shipping is a very good deal. It is very important that when you order that you check out to use the coupon code MNWT so that we get credit and earn funds from your purchase.

Click the image above to start shopping!

  • Use coupon code to be used will be: MNWT
  • All orders will be paid online, applying the coupon
  • All orders include a flat $10 shipping charge
    • Where you order one set or multiple sets the shipping is $10.00. If you are local to St. Cloud and would like to arrange pickup/delivery and avoid the shipping fee you MUST use the phone number on the flyer to place your order.
    • Should local members (St. Cloud area) choose not to have their orders shipped, I will welcome calls to my cell (320) 250-2445 so that I can take the payment/order over the phone and arrange a place for pickup.

Please pass this on to all your chapter members and have them share with their family and friends. Please use this flyer to promote the event with your chapter members.

Please help support Ways & Means for the MNWT.
Thank you, Financial VP Mary Hansen | Making Sense of Your Dollars

Save the Date for Winter State!

You are ALL invited to join the MNWT Membership Team
for a fun kickoff to Winter State Convention on Friday, January 29, 2021.

First Timers Social at 7:00pm

New to Convention? “First Timers” we welcome you to the Winter State Convention! Please plan on joining us for a Social on Zoom. Details will be sent to chapter emails. If you would like to let MMC Chair Michelle know you plan on joining the social you can send her a note at so she sends you login and other fun stuff to your personal email. We may not be in person but there is still lots of fun to be had and get your convention off on the right note.

Membership Social at 7:30pm

All members are welcome to join the M-Team for what will hopefully be our last all-online social this year. In addition to hanging out and catching up with your Women of Today sisters, we invite you to bring your favorite snacks and drink and make your own Charcuterie board with us. Charcuterie what? It's just a fancy word for snack tray so bring whatever snacks you love. You can come with your board already prepared or follow along with MVP Tevyan as she puts hers together online. Drop MVP Tevyan a note at to be sent login details to your personal email.

Recommended Charcuterie items: any board, plate, tray, etc., 2 cheeses (1 soft + 1 hard), 1 meat, 1 spread, 1 sweet treat, 1 salty something, 1 or 2 starches; examples:

    • Soft Cheese: Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, Feta, Boursin
    • Hard Cheese: Parmigiano-Reggiano, Cheddar, Gruyere, Manchego, Swiss
    • Meats: Soppressata dry salami, Calabrese salami, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Genoa Salami
    • Spreads: fruit jam, honey, olive tapenade, mustard
    • Sweet: strawberry, grapes, dried apricots, dark chocolate chips, chocolate covered anything 😊
    • Salty: mixed nuts, olives, pickled veggie
    • Starch: crackers, pretzel, pita chips, baguette slices, bagel chips

Please make plans to join MVP Tevyan, CMVP Jenise, and MMC Chair Michelle on Friday, January 29th to get your Winter State Convention started off right!

Consider an Executive Council Position for 2021-2022!

When considering a position as district director, state program manager, staff, or even state president, you will want to make an informed decision. Talk to others who have held these positions. Gather information, reflect on your passion and commitment, and determine where your future path might take you. And COB Cat is always glad to answer your questions and visit with you as you consider taking the step to be a member of the MNWT Executive Council. To serve as an elections committee rep from your area, please contact COB Cat Shuman at 612.812.9198. To file for a state position, forms are found in the State Bidding category of the Book of Forms. The following information is intended to help guide you in your decision-making process:

District Director

Administrative Vice President Michelle Kocak-Jones and your current district director can provide insight and information to help guide your decision and desire to serve as District Director (DD). By filling this vital role and communication link between the state organization and the local chapters, we can ensure districts and chapters are off to a successful start in the new year and remain well informed while on their journeys to success. Most districts elect their DD at their spring district meeting. Make your decision early to allow plenty of time for planning as you prepare for becoming a DD. If you have questions or are interested in a District Director position, contact

State Program Manager

Contact Programming Vice President Anna Nichols and the current SPM in the area(s) for which you might be interested. Ask, seek, and gather information from them to help you make a decision on bidding for an SPM position. They can assist you with the paperwork as you prepare your bid for Winter State Convention. If you have questions or are interested in bidding as a State Program Manager, contact

You might want to consider applying for one of the Programming Assistant positions if you are not ready to take on an SPM position. Contact COB Cat at for more information on these positions. The form for these are also on the State Bidding category of the Book of Forms.


Step right up! Chairman of the Board Cat Shumcan can answer your questions and help guide you through the process of deciding whether a staff position is right for you. Staff positions are selected by the presidential candidate(s), and their staff selection process has many facets (i.e. experience, location, interest in position). By filing for staff and indicating your interest, you are placing your name in the forefront for consideration. Confidentiality is important should you decide to seek a staff position and your intent should only be shared with the Chair of the Elections committee (aka Chairman of the Board) at this time. December 1, 2020 is the earliest date in which you may file your intent with the chairman of the board. If you have questions or are interested in filing for a State Staff position, contact

3-Year Priority Area Bid

At the Fall State Business Meeting we voted on our next Priority Area. Crescent Cove, Respite & Hospice Home for Kids offers care and support to children and young adults with a shortened life-expectancy, and their families who love them. The Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids is a vibrant and joyful home-away-from home for kids with life-threatening conditions, where each moment is embraced and celebrated. Children and families throughout MN are able to benefit from these services. All services and stays provided at Crescent Cove to kids and families are at no out-of-pocket cost thanks to the generosity of donors who make this possible. Thank you so much for inviting Crescent Cove to share more about our mission with the Minnesota Women of Today! Below is additional information about our organization to learn more, which are just a few of the reasons I am so passionate about the amazing support we provide for our kids and families. I hope you find some inspiration in these links.

MNWT Clothing Store

Warroad ThreadsIn cooperation with Warroad Threads, we are now able to offer MNWT branded clothing. We have quite a selection, including T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, jackets and even face masks – all with the MNWT logo. There are various colors available as well as sizes up to 4XL. Shipping is free on orders of $50.00 or more. Shipping is direct to you, so you don’t have to wait for a convention or meeting to get your order. Your order will also help support State Ways & Means. This is a great way to show your pride in our organization and to support the organization at the same time.

If you post a picture on Facebook of yourself wearing any of the items that you order and provide a short review (ex: ordered a XL and fit was true to size or the L was a little too big, great choice of colors) and use hashtag #MNWTFinance and there will be an incentive for you. This will run until December 31; iIncentives will be given at Winter State Convention.

Thank you for your support!
MNWT Financial Vice President Mary Hansen is Making Sense of Your Dollars

State Membership Tools

2nd Trimester Membership Challenge

Hold two separate events described below and email details of them to by December 12. Remember to include your chapter name in the email. All chapters completing the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a prize at Winter State.

Retention: Hold a R-Event (a retention social) where you are celebrating your membership, with or without outside guests.

One key to retaining and having active members is that their needs are being met…connecting with friends, having fun, growing personally, or contributing to their community, etc. Make sure the chapter is checking in with all members throughout the trimester. If they are not attending events, do you know why? Keeping a finger on the pulse of the chapter can make a huge difference when it comes to membership renewal.

  • Stay in touch
  • Make it personal
  • Levels of involvement vary
  • Offer opportunities to get to know each other
  • Celebrate your members

Recruit: Hold a M-Event (a membership social or project) that is publicly promoted, and the purpose is to recruit new members

Hosting a Membership social does not have to be difficult or scary. It does however need to be open to the public and publicized. For everything you need to host a Membership Social, including flyers, press releases, event ideas, signup sheets, and lots of tips and tricks, check out the Membership Tools webpage.

What happens after the membership social? First, plan your next social. Second, personally contact your newly found prospective members (the names on your list). Avoid emails and texts. Pick up the phone and personally call each of your prospective members and invite them to join you at an upcoming event. Here are two handouts to help.

State Programming Updates

Anna Nichols, MNWT Programming Vice President

Every chapter and district PVP that completes the 2nd Trimester PVP Challenge will receive a small thank you gift.

  • Mini Facebook ONLY Programming Challenge! Check out the MNWT Programming Facebook page weekly for a chance to win a Fabulous Prize. The details of this contest will only be shared on the MNWT Programming Facebook Page.
  • 2nd Trimester Programming Report Challenge: Complete your 2nd trimester programming report the last week of December for a chance to win a Fun and Functional Prize for your chapter.

CC: Giving Power to Our Communities

Tawn Hanson, MNWT Community Connections SPM

    • Every $5 donation to the Person with Determination (PWD) Award gives you one entry into a prize drawing. Send at least a $5 donation to help fund the PWD award and honorarium. For every $5 donation the donator's name will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket to be awarded at Winter State.
    • Support Habitat for Humanity to receive an incentive AND be entered into a drawing for a gift basket. Send me a report, it can be as simple as an email to, you will receive an incentive and be entered into a drawing for a gift basket to be awarded at Winter State.
    • Bring your dollars to the Winter State Project Fair for chances to win “stuff.”
    • Submit a nomination for PWD to receive 50 SUCCESS points.

The Person with Determination (PWD) Award is an updated, modernized version of the Outstanding Person with Developmental Challenges award. It acknowledges that not all challenges are developmental and that everyone’s journey to overcome adversity is unique. This award is designed to honor an individual who has persevered and forged new paths through obstacles to become an integral part of their community. Your nominations are due by November 1st. Let’s work together to make the first year of this award a huge success. I am challenging every chapter to look at the members in your community and find your Person with Determination to nominate.

LL: Discover Your Best Self

Melanie Chenoweth, MNWT Living & Learning SPM

  • Complete your MNWT Living & Learning Certification and/or your USWT Wellness & Personal Development Certification to be entering into a drawing.
  • Sign up for Impromptu held at Winter State.
  • Individual Challenge: Choose any personal development book to read and let me know what you read and if you would recommend it. Everyone that participates will be entered into a drawing for an incentive.
  • Do one of the mini challenges at a chapter meeting. Every chapter that tells me what you did will get entered into a drawing for an incentive.
    • Chapter October Mini Challenge: Write a personal manifesto. A personal manifesto describes your core values and beliefs, the specific ideas and priorities that you stand for, and how you plan to live your life. This acts as both a statement of personal principles and a call to action. Send me yours for a chance at an incentive.
    • Chapter November Mini Challenge: Do one thing that scares you and tell me what it was and how it went. It doesn’t have to be grand. (When I first joined women of today just talking to the chapter in a meeting terrified me.)
    • Chapter December Mini Challenge: Self-care! This is a stressful time of year. Do one thing (or 20) for yourself. Tell me what you did and be entered into a drawing for an incentive.

MNWT Priority Program

Jennifer Auger, MNWT Priority Area SPM

  • Chapter Challenge: donate at least $100 (not including stickers) to be entered in a drawing for a snack basket.
  • Individual, Chapter and/or District Challenge: every 1000 stickers donated will give you an entry into a groovy prize drawing.
  • Members Challenge: each member that volunteers at an official Wishes & More Event will receive a special token of appreciation.
  • Donations needed for the Annual Ball Auction.

Hello Chapters, What a year 2020 has been! Certainly like nothing we have experienced before. However, we are the Minnesota Women of Today and we do not let things stop we are going to do all we can to make the final year with Wishes & More (WAM) the most successful yet!

WW: We're In This Together

Jeny Ohr, MNWT Women's Wellness SPM

  • Chapters & Member Challenge: For every $5 dollars you donate towards the Lois M Christensen Women Who Impact Award, your name or chapter will be entered into a drawing at Annual Convention. All monetary donations should be made out to “MNWT” with Women who Impact” in the memo line and mailed to me.
  • Chapter Challenge: educate members on mental health, invite WW SPM to your chapters zoom meeting to speak, and/or Donate to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Minnesota to be entered into a drawing for a special gift.
  • Loose Change Challenge: collect change as a chapter. Whichever chapter raises the most money will receive a special gift at Winter State.
  • Submit a nomination for WWI to receive 50 SUCCESS points.

Do you know an amazing woman in your community? Does she impact the community by volunteering for a non-profit, mentoring youth or working in women’s advocacy? Remember to submit her by November 1st for the Lois M Christensen Women Who Impact Award (WWI). There are two challenges to go along with the Women Who Impact Award.

YT: Young at Heart

Glorie Balfanz, MNWT Youth of Today SPM

  • Submit a YT Project of the Trimester and YT Outstanding Program Manager Nomination and receive a thank you at Winter State.
  • Challenge: submit an Outstanding Young Adult (OYA) Nomination before November 1st.
  • Support the Children’s MN Shine Bright for Cancer Kids Program with a $2 or more donation. Send donations to the CSC with Children’s MN in the memo line.
  • Submit a nomination for OYA to receive 50 SUCCESS points.

If anyone in your chapter can make masks, Children’s MN is collecting them. They clean them and give them out to patients and parents when visiting the facilities. Please put them in a bag and label it with Children’s MN masks- Youth of Today- Project Chairperson and Chapter. Ask your District Director to bring Winter State Convention. If that is not possible contact me and I will work it out to collect them from you.

MNWT Covid-19 Information & Suggestions

Due to the increased volume of requests to use the MNWT GoToMeeting account for meetings,
we have created a GoToMeeting Request Form so Katie can better track the requests and have them all in one place. 
Requests will be honored in the order they are received based upon availability.  Please use the link to request a time;
she will respond within 24 business hours to your request to let you know if the time you request is available.
If you have already requested a meeting, you do NOT need to request again using the form.

District Meetings

Minnesota Women of Today is recommending that districts do hold a meetings in an online format such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. The Spring meetings are normally when new district officers are elected, and it is encouraged to include that in your meeting agenda. AVP Michelle Kocak Jones will be coordinating this process with the district directors to ensure they are able to host an online meeting. Executive Director Katie Castro will assist with setting up meetings, as needed.

Chapter Meetings & Events

MNWT is not offering specific recommendations to chapters; however, you are welcome to contact Executive Director Katie Castro if you are looking for assistance in setting up an online meeting for your group, email or call 952-406-8578.

#mnwtstillsocial #mnwtfellowshipatadistance

If your chapter is holding at-home fellowship activties, like virtual meetings using online meeting tools or other virtual activities, please use #mnwtstillsocial #mnwtfellowshipatadistance when posting your events on social media! We will share your posts on the MNWT Facebook page.

What are you Cooking? by New Hope Women of Today

Social distancing isn't fun, but it's what we do for the better good of all. Being apart, should not mean being alone. Let's all take a moment to share a go to recipe. It can be anything; a meal, snack, or comfort food. Email you recipe to and we will share them on our website.


Here is a great in-home chapter service project to do during the Covid-19 crisis! We know there are a bunch of sewers in our organization. Our communities are in need of face masks, and this is something we can all do while staying in our house! MNWT LL SPM Sarah Sundine was able to make 11 the other day with most of the supplies already in her house. Click here for a link from Allina with directions, as well as many drop off locations around the cities. If you are not near the Twin Cities, think of donating these to your local healthcare facillities, like elderly care, clinics, hospitals, etc.

If you make a donation, you can send the quantity donated to and I will track donations to report out. If your chapter is holding this at-home service activty or other activies similar to this, please use #mnwtserviceatadistance when posting your events on social media! We will share your posts on the MNWT Facebook page.

FellowshipLife is Like a Cup of Coffee

2020 Top-Rated NonprofitFellowshipGreat Nonprofits

We have been honored with a Top-Rated Award
for 2020 from GreatNonprofits!

We have won a 2020 Top-Rated Award from @GreatNonprofits (#GreatNP2020)! Read inspiring stories about us and add your own! We appreciate all of your contributions!

Great Nonprofits is the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonproftis. These stories are submitted by people who know you best -- your clients, donors, volunteers, and others -- all those who have experienced the impact of nonprofit work up close!

"GreatNonprofits focuses on helping people make great giving decisions through socially sourced feedback and reviews." ~Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Help us enable Great Nonprofits to harness a most authentic and most effective advertising—your stories submitted by people who know us best -- our members, donors, volunteers, and others we have supported -- all those who have experienced the impact of our nonprofit work up close!

Please click the image to review us yourself!

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Quick Reference Email Addresses

MNWT Website Website Scavenger Hunt

Our new website may have you at a loss on where to find items you previously were used to finding. Here is a fun way to learn how to navigate it; the Web Team created a website scavenger hunt. There are ten (10) questions you and six (6) of the questions have a BONUS; these are optional. To prep for the hunt, you can review 2019 Revised Website Introduction for more information on the changes that were made.

Let's Go Scavenger Hunting!

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