State Committees

Future Directions Committee Chair: Tevyan Sorensen

Tevyan Sorensen, Future Directions Committee Chair

This ongoing committee is responsible for reviewing member suggestions concerning organizational structure, administration or programming, especially long range planning in those areas, which have been approved by the membership. This committee is organized annually and meets at least four times during the year. The Future Directions Committee chairperson is appointed by the state president and serves a one-year term. Additional committee members are the state president, internal and external vice presidents, administrative vice president, membership vice president, chapter management vice president, chairman of the board, executive director, state parliamentarian, extensions director, marketing chair, MNWT Foundation chair, strategic planning chair, reporting subcommittee chairs, past Future Directions chair, and five (5) members from the general membership, who serve rotating two-year terms.

Subcommittee Chairs

  • Awards Chair: Julie Hammel
    Objective: ongoing committee which will oversee the Outstanding Young Adult, Outstanding Person with Developmental Challenges, and Women Who Impact Awards.
  • Chapter Structure Chair: OPEN
    Objective: to help every chapter become a healthy chapter.
  • Convention Review Chair: OPEN
  • Go Green Chair: Christine Sibilleau
    Objective: to determine how our organization can improve in the various levels, utilizing leadership positions throughout Women of Today as effectively as possible.


    1. The Minnesota Women of Today organization is committed to preserving our environmental by minimizing the impact of its activities on the earth.
    2. There are four (4) key components to this policy;
      • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are done as efficiently as possible;
      • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst the local chapters;
      • Use environmentally friendly materials in meetings and business practices, as well as support and encourage local chapters to do the same whenever feasible; and
      • Continuously look for innovative and new ways to reduce our impact on the environment in regards to meetings, events, service projects and conventions.
  • International Chapters Chair: OPEN
    Objective: to communicate with, encourage and learn from the Cyprus Women of Today chapter, the only international chapter in our organization currently.
  • Manual Review Chair: OPEN
    Objective: to oversee the development and review of all manuals produced by the Minnesota Women of Today.
         Every year we review our manuals in order to ensure they are not outdated. Anyone wishing to publish a manual must have it reviewed and approved by the Manual Review Committee. The committee oversees the three (3) year manual review cycle. Anyone wishing to publish a manual must have it reviewed and approved by the Manual Review Committee.
  • Online Training Chair: OPEN
  • Restructuring Chair: Nicky Anderson
    Objective: to determine how our organization can improve in the various levels, utilizing leadership positions throughout Women of Today as effectively as possible.
         Currently this subcommittee is discussing how to utilize our districts more efficiently.
  • Strategic Plan Chair: Jen Kinzer and Laura Gaylord
    Objective: to develop a long-range vision for the Minnesota Women of Today.
         In order to ensure our organization grows in a positive direction, this subcommittee was designed to review ideas submitted to Future Directions to see if ideas can become reality. Established in 1998, this subcommittee created focus groups held throughout the state, seeking input from all members. This committee then develops a strategic plan for approval by the membership.
  • Train the Trainer Chair: OPEN
    Objective: to expand on the training session and develop this program so it can be taken to businesses.
         This committee was established to train Women of Today members in the skills needed to conduct any type of training the organization requires and to provide the necessary tools to support what you learn. If you are interested in being a "certified" Women of Today Trainer, be sure to go through the Train the Trainer program.

Marketing Committee Chair: Shellie Matthes

Shellie Matthes, Marketing Committee Chair

This committee externally promotes the Minnesota Women of Today. Activities include hosting informational booths at expos, developing media kits and new brochures, and providing promotional materials at state-sponsored events. This committee is comprised of representatives from across the state and several executive council members, including the public relations state program manager. In addition, this committee selects the annual Buckets of Sunshine Project from bids presented by the membership. If you are interested in nominating an organization for the project, please complete the bid form before the spring meeting; fill in the blanks, save the file to your computer, and email the file to the marketing chair. Please go to the PR SPM webpage for an assortment of sample Press Releases for your chapter to use.

Chapters, click here for marketing ideas to help promote Women of Today in your community.

Subcommittee Chairs

  • Branding Chair: Judy Herrala
    Objective: to create a MNWT brand that provides wider public recognition of our organization, i.e., logo and/or catch phrase that will let the public know who we are and what we are about.
  • Expos Coordinator: OPEN
    Objective: to market chapters in their community with an event that will generate opportunities to promote community involvement.
         Established in 2002, this committee is in charge of reading materials and booths for the MNWT at women's expos across the state. Expos where MNWT has a presence have been held in the following cities: Willmar, Rochester, St. Cloud, Buffalo, St. Paul and Minneapolis.
  • Promotions Chair: Terri Dahlberg
    Objective: to ensure excellence while exploring ways to enhance Women of Today publications with respect to budgetary guidelines.
    • Hands On Twin Cities: HOTC is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating meaningful volunteerism, education and leadership development in the Twin Cities Metro Area. MNWT holds a membership and this subcommittee will promote these opportunities to our membership.
    • Display Boards: The Marketing Committee has to (2) MNWT Expo Boards that chapters or districts may use, based on availability, with a $50. 00 damage deposit check make payable to MNWT. Once the board is returned to the Marketing Committee in its original condition, the check will be returned. Contact for more information.
    • Key Messaging: Do you know how to talk about Women of Today? Click here for information on how to formulate talking points about your chapter and your Women of Today experience.
    • Free business cards and more! Visit for FREE business cards, postcards, magnets, pens and more. Join their mailing list for free weekly offers; you just pay shipping.
    • Some chapters have had success reaching a new audience by creating a chapter meetup group and posting their events. Costs vary. You can also use meetup to network with other volunteer groups that may be in or near your community. There is no charge to search for other meetup groups and contact them.
    • Radio PSA: Many chapters have had luck submitting public service announcements to a local radio station MyTalk 107.1 ( The talk radio format is geared towards women so it's the perfect audience. Check out their website and email your PSA to the various personalities. Good luck!
  • Statewide Project Chair: Jane Holmberg; Mary Hansen
    Objective: to promote the Minnesota Women of Today while conducting the Buckets of Sunshine Project that raises funds for the selected organization.
         This committee is charged with locating an annual fundraising event for a needy organization that will benefit from our organization's efforts. In the past, we have donated monetary and gift items to organizations such as: Shriner's Hospital, Green Sneakers, Cheerful Givers, Mary's Place, the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, Project Linus and Operation Minnesota Nice. If you are interested in nominating an organization for next year's Buckets of Sunshine project, please complete the bid form before the third trimester meeting; fill in the blanks, save the file to your computer, and email the file to the marketing chair.
  • Web Development Chair: Daina Mirsch-Wenner
    Objective: to create and maintain an online marketing tool that promotes Minnesota Women of Today.
         This committee maintains our website and online tools that the Exec Council uses. In addition, it oversees the organization's presence on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. MNWT Social Media Guidelines were established for using social media; please review these guidelines to ensure your chapter is using social media appropriately. Additionally, we are constantly in search of new ways to promote our organization using new information technology.

Membership Management Committee Chair: Sherry Boike

Sherry Boike, Membership Management Committee Chair

Established in January 1994, this committee works with the state president and her team to generate interest and excitement in meeting membership goals. Additional objectives are to find ways to increase chapter size, improve retention, assist with the addition of new chapters, and to internally market our organization.

Chapters, click here for marketing ideas to help promote Women of Today in your community.

Subcommittee Chairs

  • 2020 by 2020 Chair: OPEN
    Objective: to have a membership base of 2,020 by the year 2020.
  • Leadership Chair: OPEN
    Objective: to elevate the leadership training opportunities and create new tools to build leaders within the organization.

Bylaw Review Chair: MNWT Parliamentarian

MNWT Parliamentarian, Bylaw Review Chair

This committee is responsible for annually reviewing state bylaws and policies. The state parliamentarian chairs this committee and other members include: state president, chairman of the board, executive director, and past parliamentarian. Other members are welcome to attend the committee meeting, which is held once each year.

Finance Committee Chair: MNWT Treasurer

MNWT Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

This committee is responsible for providing financial direction, designation of funds, and preparing the annual budget. The state treasurer, Ways & Means state program manager, immediate past state treasurer and five to seven additional members shall serve on this committee. This committee meets four (4) times each year.

Key Women Chair: Stephanie Putzier

Stephanie Putzier, Key Women Chair

The Key Woman Award, started in 1975, is the highest honor a MNWT member can receive. Designed as a chapter nomination of someone who had shown exceptional involvement and growth, the award recognizes those within the organization for dedicated service. A woman cannot work toward this goal; it seeks her out after she has given her heart and soul to the organization. The award is presented to any member who meets the following qualifications:

  • Served as chapter, district or state officer, or a chapter, district, or state program manager for two (2) years;
  • Is a member in good standing for at least four (4) years; and
  • Receive a nomination accepted after thorough review by five (5) Key Woman.

For the rest of the nomination process and more information, please see the current Plan of Action under Key Women. Or you can click here to get a copy of the nomination form from the Book of Forms.

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