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Experienced Leadership of the
2019-2020 Prospective Staff Officers
Administrative Vice President
Illeana Miller, Monticello
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Ille became a member in April 2013 and has been busy every since! The year after joining, she was elected local President in 2014-2015. In 2015-2016 she served as District Director and Past President/Parliamentarian. She was Youth of Today SPM and DPM in 2016-2017. She took on State Parliamentarian as well as local External Vice President and Newsletter LPM in 2017-2018. She is currently serving as State Chapter Management Vice President and District Programming Vice President. Whew!

When asked why Ille joined Monticello WT, she said, "Simply to meet people in my community, make a difference to others, and have fun while doing it." She finds gratification in helping others and gets re-energized interacting with like-minded women across the state.

Membership Vice President
Chapter Management Vice President
Barb Zeroth, Rice

The prospective staff member for this position will be announced later.

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Foley was Barb’s original chapter and she migrated to the Rice chapter a few years ago. Barb has held local positions of local President, State Selegate, Secretary and Treasurer. She was District Director and held various DPM positions in 2016-2017. Barb served as Isaac’s Journey SPM in 2014 -2015, and Women’s Wellness SPM in 2015-2016, followed by State External Vice President in 2017-2018 and State Parliamentarian currently.

Barb’s first Women of Today memory was attending a chapter event to see what it was all about. The chapter had a Halloween theme and it was definitely a good time! "They were very welcoming and made me want to be part of this group!"

Financial Vice President
Amy Pumper, Byron
Programming Vice President
Melissa Redzuan, Eden Prairie

Amy first joined the Rochester chapter in 1985 and is now a member of the Byron chapter. She trumps everyone with experience at all levels and many positions held. She held all local board positions including local President. She was District Director (and district rep), in addition to other board positions. For MNWT, she has been STEP SPM, Public Relations SPM, NEWSLET SPM, and Chapter Management Vice President. She served as USWT President (2001-2002) and held most other national positions, too.

Amy remembers the first project she chaired, a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network. After a lot of planning, she made about $20 and spent $50 on ads. Her chapter was incredibly supportive and offered ideas and suggestions to keep her active.

Melissa joined in 2007 and has held various positions in her chapter (President, Membership Vice President, Secretary, and various LPMs) and district (Membership Vice President, Programming Vice President, and various DPMs). She served as Living & Learning SPM twice! Next year, she wants us to “Make the Journey and Leave Your Footprints.”

She joined her chapter at their Year-End Banquet, after seeing the new board installed and having fun celebrating the milestones. Her friend convinced her to take on Youth of Today LPM. She says she was scared to death, but made the journey anyway to learn about programming in Women of Today. Twelve years decision she ever made!

Christine Sibilleau, Roseau
Extensions Director
Jenise Teske, Fridley

In 2007, Christine joined her chapter after some coaxing from a friend. She has held local positions multiple times including President, State Delegate, and Membership Vice President, as well as various LPMs. She served as District Director, Programming Vice President, and various DPMs. At the state level, she has been NEWSLET SPM, Internal Vice President, Chapter Management Vice President, Administrative Vice President, and is currently Presidential Assistant.

Before she joined Women of Today, her knowledge of the organization was limited to the events where she brought her children. Once she joined, she took an interest in the website and it was onward from there. She says: “We usually join for the service or fellowship, and then benefit from growth in all the opportunities that are offered.”

Jenise originally joined Champlin Women of Today in March 2013 but left when she moved. In June 2014, she found the Fridley chapter and rejoined. She has served as local President
twice, Membership Vice President, and various LPMs. Other positions held are District Director in 2016-2017, Community Connections SPM in 2017-2018, and currently Wishes & More SPM.

Jenise says, “I have grown so much in joining this organization—in confidence, in learning new things, in the number of friendships I have formed.” She is really proud of all the projects she has participated in at local, district, state, and national levels.

Wendy Lindberg, Coon Rapids
Presidential Assistant
Barb Berndtson, Monticello

Wendy started her Women of Today years with the Morris Area chapter and is now a member of Coon Rapids. Local offices held include President, Programming Vice President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and various LPMs. She served as District Director and held other district board positions. For MNWT, she served as Records & Recognition SPM, Youth of Today SPM, Membership Vice President, and External Vice President. She was USWT Extensions Director in 2014-2015.

Women of Today holds a special place in Wendy’s heart. Her most treasured memory was when a group of MNWT friends presented her with a special locket, which she wears “to remind me of those who care for me and of the strangers who become our friends.”

Barb joined in June 1990 and is truly an experienced and treasured member. Since 1990, she has held all officer positions (except treasurer) and was local President in 1999-2000. She served as District Director and held other district board positions as well in 2004-2005. At the state level, she was Community Connections SPM in 2011-2012, and Women’s Wellness SPM in 2012-2013.

A special memory dates from February 2008 when her chapter talked her into going to convention and totally surprised her when she was honored with the Key Woman Award. She cherishes that memory and says, “I am truly blessed to be part of this wonderful Women of Today organization!”

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