Presidential Candidate: Shelli Struzyk

Candidate Letter

Anne Johnson & her family

Dear Minnesota Women of Today,

I am very honored and excited to submit myself as a candidate for the 68th President of the Minnesota Women of Today. My dedication and commitment to this organization will allow me to lead with a high level of energy and enthusiasm that will benefit all members. My team and I will work tirelessly to support you in building up and maintaining a healthier chapter. In this, we will support our committees as we streamline reporting as well as continuing to implement components of our strategic plan. We will make ourselves available consistently for communication and will bring our experiences and motivation to all members on all levels. There will also be more than a couple opportunities to have some fun!

I truly believe that every member of this organization possesses an unbelievable amount of individual talents. My team will not only provide their own individual talents, but will assist me in utilizing those of each and every one of you. In addition, we will provide the training and tools that will ensure that we not only benefit from these but also result in the Minnesota Women of Today achieving growth as well as retention in our membership.

In a time where individual lives get busier and more challenging having the attitude that “It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day” will provide a positive and proactive way to continue and add to the phenomenal principles and accomplishments that the leaders before me have achieved. We are also in the midst of great change in our organization and as a team, state wide, there are no limits to what we can do! In this we will utilize the changes already being implemented in our programming areas as well as encouragement, support and hands on efforts towards our membership. We can grow as an organization and we will continue to promote our 2020 x 2020 goal. I have no doubt that we can reach the goals we set for our organization and it would be my honor to lead us towards them.

Respectfully, Shelli



  • Work with Membership VP, 2020 by 2020 Subcommittee and Chapter Presidents to achieve 80% retention and growth plus 7.
  • Assist Extensions Director in “Creating New Friendships” in order to complete 5 extensions by April 30, 2018.
  • Support Chapter Management VP “Embrace the New Day” in order to effectively work with the TLC chapters.
  • Help Chapter Presidents complete trimester challenges through believing that “It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day.”
  • Programming

  • Increase yearly donations of service and dollars by 10%.
  • Support IVP and EVP in additional training for changes in reporting and forms.
  • Help promote the foundations in our External Programming Area as well as our Buckets of Sunshine.
  • Leadership

  • Maintain strong communication with State Staff and Executive Council in order to provide strong tools to the general membership resulting in strong and healthy chapters.
  • Support and work with statewide committees including implementing components of our Strategic Plan, exchange of information and promoting transparency on the State level.

    US Women of Today

  • Communicate with USWT President regularly and encourage executive council members to do the same with USWT counterparts.

Women of Today Experience

Local State
  • President
  • Membership Vice President
  • Secretary (2)
  • Several Local Program Manager positions
  • External Programming Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Youth of Today State Program Manager
District Committees
  • District Director
  • Parliamentarian
  • Treasurer
  • Future Directions
  • MNWT Foundation
  • Gold Key
  • MNWT Presidential Pin
  • MNWT Presidential Medallion (3)
  • MNWT Programming Award of Excellence
  • USWT Pin (4)
  • USWT Outstanding State Officer
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