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Due to your District Director by the last day of each month. Upon completion of the form, click Submit; you will receive a confirmation screen if your report has been successfully submitted.
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Orientations Held
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What steps have you taken to activate members: required
New Member Projection: required
Reasons for Non-Renewals: required
What steps have you taken to retain members: required
Meetings Held
Programs for Board Meetings:  
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If your chapter is having any interal conflicts or problems, please explain.  
What are your concerns about your chapter's ability
to Recruit, Orientat, Activate or Retain members?
What can the executive council do to assist you?  
Do you have any questions or concerns in the programming area?  
Do you have any questions, ideas or concerns that you would like to see brought to the Future Directions Committee?  
Comments, Concerns or Requests:  
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