Certification: STEP II

STEP II is designed for the member who has been a member for 12 months or less. By participating in this program, the member will become activated on all levels of the organization. To certify in STEP II the member must complete all of the mandatory requirements and at four of the optional requirements. The certification form should be sent to the State Contact withing 30 days of the completion of the program. (It is not necessary to complete STEP I to complete STEP II.) Upon completion of the form, click Submit; you will receive a confirmation screen if your report has been successfully submitted.
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Mandatory Requirements - record the completion dates.
Know and recite the USWT Creed. required Date:
Bring a prospective member to a meeting. required Name:
Certify in Personal Development or Health & Wellness. required Programming Area:
Participate in a Domestic Violence Awareness project. required Date:
Optional Requirements - complete 4 of the following and record the completion dates.
Sign a new member.   Name:
Certify in Personal Development or Health & Wellness.   Programming Area:
Attend another chapter, district, regional, state or national business meeting.   Meeting Type:
Give a report at a meeting.   Topic:
Join a Women of Today Facebook page.   Date:
Give an invocation, benediction or lead the Pledge of Allegiance or the Creed at any USWT function.   Type:
Write an article for the local newsletter or community newspaper for publication.   Type:
Attend a Women of Today social.   Date:
Participate in a local Women of Today project.   Event:
Participate in the National President Challenge.   Date:
Create a Women of Today YouTube vide.   Topic:
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