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Daina Mirsch-Wenner

MNWT Web Assistant

Jeny Ohr
Web Assistant
MNWT Web Helper

Christine Sibilleau
Web Helper & MNWT Web Development
Subcommittee Chair
Web Tech 1

Katie Castro
Web Tech 1
Web Tech 2

Anna Nichols
Web Tech 2

MNWT Website Website Scavenger Hunt

Our new website may have you at a loss on where to find items you previously were used to finding. Here is a fun way to learn how to navigate it; the Web Team created a website scavenger hunt. There are ten (10) questions you must complete to be entered into the drawing. Six (6) of the questions have a BONUS; these are optional. For each bonus you complete another entry will be made in the drawing for you, which will increase your chances of winning. By completing all questions AND all bonus tasks, your name would be entered into the drawing sixteen (16) times.

Let's Go Scavenger Hunting!

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