Personal Enrichment Courses

There are many Personal Enrichment Programs available to help your chapter members to learn and grow. Here are the courses, I hope you can choose one or two to present to your chapter. If you have suggestions for additional PEP courses, please contact me, the state Living & Learning program manager. The cost for the video program is $25 each for materials for 10 people. The others are booklet course available through the state store. The booklets cost $3.50-$4.00 a piece. Click here to get a printable version of the following list.

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Booklets through the State

  • Financial Management - A program to help you examine your attitudes about money and make you aware of the impact your attitudes has on your financial health. This course will also help you understand the importance of setting goals and defining financial goals for yourself.
  • Time Management - Includes: Where am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? And Action! The program will give you the opportunity to realize that getting organized does not mean becoming a rigid, inflexible person, but instead does mean being open to others and thinking bigger ideas.
  • Personality - This course was designed to help you understand and work with people. It includes information as well as exercises to help you learn and better develop human relation skills.
  • Leadership/Team Building - Team building is the responsibility of all team members. You will look at teams, how they operate, the key concepts involved in building effective teams and skills, which can be developed to aid a leader in their role.
  • Stress Management - This course was designed to serve as a guide for people to learn more about the causes of stress and ways to successfully manage stress. You will look at what causes stress in your life and ways to make a permanent change.
  • Communications - Designed to help individuals recognize the good or not so good communication skills they may posses. Through games, exercises and listening, you will learn more about your own communication abilities.
  • Motivation - The key to a healthy organization, whether volunteer or not, is the ability of the leader to successfully motivate the members. This will bring your members together and educate them about motivating themselves and others.

Rental Videos through the Chapter Service Center

  • 212° The Extra Degree- At 211 degrees water is extremely hot. At 212 degrees it boils and produces enough steam to power a locomotive. Clearly, one additional degree of energy makes a huge difference in the end result. 212° the extra degree is a Personal Enrichment Course with a motivating and focused message. It helps team members understand and remember that by making small changes – by applying a little extra effort – they can realize greater success in their personal and professional lives.
  • Pulling Together: High Performance Teamwork - This presentation teaches us how to work together to achieve our individual and personal goals. Attendees will also learn strategies for problem-solving solutions, building trust, following through with commitments, and respecting each other differences and strengths. This course will leave you feeling energized to work together and the inspired to accomplish great things.
  • I am Beautiful - Created to help build self worth and confidence. Contains exercises to help you achieve new skills and personal growth.
  • Conversation Power in Action - Will give you the basic tools to use in either social or business situations. You will also learn "tricks" to become a better public speaker. Along with the video, there are three interactive exercises that will help you practice what you learned.
  • FISH - Catch the Energy & Release the Potential! FISH! Is about having fun, enjoying you, being spontaneous and creative. It's about doing something special for your members and community. FISH! Teaches about being totally focused on the moment and on the person or task with which you are engaged. It is about accepting full responsibility for all of our choices, even our attitude about volunteerism.
  • CHANGE: Adapting to It, Living with It, Surviving It - This video course is to help our members accept and cope with change. This will give the members the tools to learn to accept change, cope with change and realize the consequences of resisting change. Along with the video there are exercises to learn about our behavior toward change and why we may need to adjust our attitude toward change.
  • Live Out Loud - You will have a great laugh as you learn how to develop the skills of living out loud, having more fun, growing in wisdom and loving better. Not only that - but'll find ways to boost your energy and vitality, keep your heart healthy, bust your stress and let go of the stuff you no longer need to carry around. In short, you'll find out how letting go, laughing, loving and learning are the keys to living out loud!
  • Lead Out Loud - This presentation teaches people how to make others feel good. Audiences will learn how to motivate and encourage others better, be authentic at all times, program themselves for excellence, unlock the secrets and power of non-verbal communication, be humble and work collaboratively, build strong, lasting relationships, and how to have a positive spirit - not just a positive attitude!
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